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What to do with a ton of mushrooms?

I work as a personal chef and housekeeper, and sometimes one of my clients' friends will drop off organic produce from his family farm.

This week, I've got about a pound of shitake mushrooms, and a pound and a half or so of crimini mushrooms. Also a ton of strawberries, but I've already got plenty of ideas for those =).

I know what to cook for myself with the mushrooms, but I need to use about half of them for my client (he lives alone, and lets me keep some of the spoils! Very cool). He's not what I'd call a picky eater, but his tastes lean very strongly in the direction of classic American food. Think meat and potatoes, chili, turkey with stuffing . . .

Can anybody think of some uses for mushrooms in traditional American cooking applications? The first thing that came to mind was stroganoff, but then I remembered that he doesn't really like things in creamy sauces.

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  1. My two suggestions were cream based: cream of mushroom soup & chicken pot pie (mine is cream based).

    Otherwise, how about a mushroom risotto?

    Or mushrooms sauted in butter, sake & ajipon? Had this recently @ a Japanese restaurant and absolutely loved it.

    Shepherd's pie might also fit the bill.

    1. Pizza!

      Shitakes roasted in a hot oven with garlic, olive oil and salt are delicious. They get crispy around the edges.

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        Pizza sounds like a great idea. He'd be all over it. Thanks!

      2. stuffed mushrooms... fried mushrooms... sauteed mushrooms to go with a steak... mushrooms on a burger...in an omelette... duxelle

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          Mushrooms on a burger makes me think I could probably sneak mushrooms into meatloaf. Anybody else do this?

        2. There is a great recipe in Silver Palate Good Times for mushroom soup that is not cream based. It's even freezable.

          1. Mushroom pate, stuffed tomatoes with mushrooms and spinach, chopped up in a tomato based pasta sauce, stir fried and top a hamburger, marinated in an Italian dressing and top a tossed salad, mushroom and fresh peas.

            1. Mushroom quesadilla?

              Or perhaps, this, which I've made and enjoyed:


              1. Make a mushroom ragu that can then be served over polenta or pasta- that'll use up quite a few of them and it's pretty homey as well.

                1. mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy?

                  1. i made a mushroom appetizer which I can use to accompany any soup. Take a pound of any type of sandwich bread, and remove the crusts. Take a rolling pin and roll the bread out. Fill it with a mushroom filling. Fold it over like a triangle and seal. Bake 15 minutes till crispy. This can be freezed for later use.

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                      or similarly, do a mushroom phyllo turnover--I believe they do these in Greek cuisine, like a spinach pie.

                    2. i'd go for steak with cognac sauce and mushrooms, along this line: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

                      1. roast a chicken and serve with mushroom stuffing... yummy.

                        or make duxelle w/some kind of dairy folded in (sour cream, cream cheese) and do puff pastry hors d'oevures to serve with soup or salad or to freeze for guests or snacking or whatever....

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                          Try a brie and mushroom, very thin crust pizza.

                        2. Soo, I ended up putting a ton of them in chili, folding some into sausage calzones, serving some with onions alongside braised pork, and marinating/grilling the rest on the fourth of July. No more mushrooms for a while, please! =).

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                            I just caught this post. Next time you are knee deep in mushrooms make duxelle. It freezes well too. Can be added to soups and stews to name a few uses.

                          2. My fave prep this summer is to take a whole buncha crimini (or other mushrooms), toss them with a rough vinaigrette of olive oil, sesame oil, s&p, a mix of balsamic & good red wine vinegar, and them whatever spice/herb grabs my fancy (right now, it's ras-al-hanout, but za'tar is good, as is any well-balanced "american-esque" spice/herb mix). Let the mushrooms sit for about 10-15 minutes, then toss them onto the grill in a grill basket or grill wok. On the hot part of the grill, they'll be done in 7 min or so -- moist, flavorful, and smoky. Yum!

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                              Yum! I used the same technique, except my vinaigrette consisted of chopped garlic, fresh oregano, sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and rice vinegar. It was a big hit at our picnic.

                            2. you can saute some and puree it, add it to any dish you cook with mushrooms, adds a nice flavor to the sauce or risotto