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Jul 1, 2008 09:22 PM

What to do with a ton of mushrooms?

I work as a personal chef and housekeeper, and sometimes one of my clients' friends will drop off organic produce from his family farm.

This week, I've got about a pound of shitake mushrooms, and a pound and a half or so of crimini mushrooms. Also a ton of strawberries, but I've already got plenty of ideas for those =).

I know what to cook for myself with the mushrooms, but I need to use about half of them for my client (he lives alone, and lets me keep some of the spoils! Very cool). He's not what I'd call a picky eater, but his tastes lean very strongly in the direction of classic American food. Think meat and potatoes, chili, turkey with stuffing . . .

Can anybody think of some uses for mushrooms in traditional American cooking applications? The first thing that came to mind was stroganoff, but then I remembered that he doesn't really like things in creamy sauces.

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  1. My two suggestions were cream based: cream of mushroom soup & chicken pot pie (mine is cream based).

    Otherwise, how about a mushroom risotto?

    Or mushrooms sauted in butter, sake & ajipon? Had this recently @ a Japanese restaurant and absolutely loved it.

    Shepherd's pie might also fit the bill.

    1. Pizza!

      Shitakes roasted in a hot oven with garlic, olive oil and salt are delicious. They get crispy around the edges.

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        Pizza sounds like a great idea. He'd be all over it. Thanks!

      2. stuffed mushrooms... fried mushrooms... sauteed mushrooms to go with a steak... mushrooms on a an omelette... duxelle

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          Mushrooms on a burger makes me think I could probably sneak mushrooms into meatloaf. Anybody else do this?

        2. There is a great recipe in Silver Palate Good Times for mushroom soup that is not cream based. It's even freezable.

          1. Mushroom pate, stuffed tomatoes with mushrooms and spinach, chopped up in a tomato based pasta sauce, stir fried and top a hamburger, marinated in an Italian dressing and top a tossed salad, mushroom and fresh peas.