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Jul 1, 2008 08:33 PM

Best Manhattan Restaurant < $40

What's the best restaurant where you would spend on average less than $40 on dinner for 3 courses (normal appetizer, entree, and dessert), not including tip. This doesn't include alcohol, obviously. A few restrictions/rules:

1. Average of $40 - so the breakdown is probably $7-12 for appetizer, $15-$25 for entree, and $7-12 on dessert

2. Has to be a restaurant - no food carts :)

3. Remember, in Manhattan.

4. Excludes Chinatown (I live near Chinatown and eat there all the time)

5. No family-style restaurants.

Thanks in advance for any/all the suggestions.

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  1. Jean georges restaurant offers prix fixe at lunch : 12$ a dish (Jean georges at 1 cpw, vong, perry st, jojo).
    I ate out in the following restaurants: yakitori totto on 55th st (sister restaurant: soba totto on 43rd st) and thai market (107st and amsterdam). You eat well in these two places for 35$.

    1. Definitely under $40 plus BYOB.
      Ivo and lulu
      558 Broome St At Varick St