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Jul 1, 2008 08:17 PM

Date of Ferragusto (sp)festival on Arthur Ave

Does any one know what the exact date is this year for the ferragusto festival that is held on Arthure ave, I think that it is always in september but not sure and really do not want to miss it this year, Thanks,

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  1. There's two or three phone numbers in this link that you can call. Calling the Order Sons of Italy and getting someone that sounds like Don Vito Corleone can be very dramatic. Just don't be too inquisitive, and you'll be all right. Try 718/295-2882 x149

    August, Bronx NY, Ferragosto -->

    1. Sunday, September 7th, 10:00am to 7 pm

      1. thanks for the Info, I love the Ferragosto, It's a great day

        1. What exactly is Ferragosto? I'm moving to New York very soon and you've piqued my interest!

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            Ferragosto is an Italian Cultural Street Festival held on Arthur Ave. and E. 187th St. in the Bronx. It's a great family event. Sample food, entertainment, contests, vendors, NO Rides or games and plenty of Italian restaurants and cafes.

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              Thanks for the details. That's about what I thought. Sounds like it would be a good time.

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              Ferragosto is major Italian national holiday which is celebrated every year on August 15th. The country pretty much shuts down around that date, with the majority of city residents heading for the country and the beaches. While it's technically the Catholic Feast of the Assumption, the Italians pretty much treat is the way we treat July 4th Weekend...
              Arthur Ave. in the Bronx typically waits until September to celebrate it because Fordham U. is back in session, and the college students flock to it.

              1. re: vvvindaloo

                We went yesterday and while were glad we did because a) it been a while since we've been to Belmont; and b) it's been a lot longer since we drove up Third Ave. which was really interesting. There were a lot of chairs set up before a portable Park's Department stage on the block around the corner from Umberto's Clam House, but we saw no activity on it while we were there (we left about 2 PM). Otherwise, except for the fact that many of the restaurants (Mario's, Enzo, Pasquale's, Zero Otto Nove, etc.) had tables set up in the middle of Arthur Ave., it was just like a super crowded Saturday in Little Italy (on a Sunday). The bread bakeries (Madonia and Addeo) were packed as was Teitel's and Calabria Pork Store. The relatively few food stands were very expensive: Zeppoli at 6 for $5, Meatball Sandwich for $7, the Suckling Pig one of the Market stores were roasting was selling at $15 a plate. We ended up just getting a small salumi and cheese sandwich from Calabria (and a bargain at $2) and bought a gallon of EV olive oil from Teitel's to take home.

                PS I was surprised to see a Mo Gridder's stand and then to discover that they had opened a Mo Gridder's restaurant on Crescent St.

                The day was gorgeous and we were glad we went, but I don't think we'd go again next year unless we combined it with a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

                1. re: bobjbkln

                  I attended with a group of friends, and actually given the freshness and quality of the food that was being served, I thought the prices were quite reasonable. I agree that the Mo Gridders was a surprise, but overall it was a Italian cultural event, and we were there to enjoy Italian culture and events. We ate at Ann & Tony's, enjoyed free fresh Italian ices from Palumbos, enjoyed the music on the main stage - and when there was a break in the music, we watched the great Venetian street performers. Everyone in our group of eight agreed, we will go back next year.

                  1. re: bobjbkln

                    I went with my husband and had a great time, We had lunch at Pasquale's, Rigi and the Gang were singing, and when they were on break, they had Italian music playing from the stand next to the restaurant. We saw Dominick Chainese (Uncle Junior from the Soprano's) singing on the main stage, Federico Castelluccio (Furio, from the Soprano's) was there also. It was a great day, Great Food, Good Wine and Music, What more is there!!!!!!!!

              2. It's tomorrow, September 7, 2008