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Jul 1, 2008 08:10 PM

Los Tortillas in NE Calgary open now. Stopped in and bought 2 kilos for 6$ cash on Monday.

It is so nice to have these available now. Made nacho chips this afternoon. So good!

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    1. re: John Manzo

      and furthermore, what is this? a grocer? a mexi place that also sells tortillas?

      1. re: John Manzo

        google results: Las Tortillas 2-4100 Marlborough Drive NE
        Calgary, AB T2A 2Z5 (403) 273-3555‎

        no url as far as I can see. HTH :)

        1. re: maplesugar

          ah HAH! Spelling it right was the trick. I'm still working out making these at home. Husband broke the press.

          1. re: sharonanne

            sharonanne I dunno if you're still looking for a replacement press - I just picked up a tortillla press at CFM of all places - Tres Marias sells them for $25.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Thanks, I'll look next time I'm over there.

        2. re: John Manzo

          in the same strip mall as that Roma Pizza I was asking about earlier.

        3. They sell tortillas. As far as I can tell that's it. I was informed they're made fresh on Saturday afternoons, but the ones I got are great. There was no Interact working yet when I was there so it's cash only for now. $6 got me two individually wrapped kilos in one plastic bag.

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          1. re: mcmuffin

            wow. that's a pretty specialized place!

            thanks for sharing, McM.

            1. re: marcopolo

              Can't wait to get over there, I heard it's awesome!

          2. Los Tortillas is wonderful. Believe me, i'm from so cal, and they rival the best in LA.

            1. There seems to be the beginnings of a website
              There is a nice little Flash slide show of them making tortillas.
              The content on the site is lacking - no address; no phone number.
              Some of the text trails off with "bla bla bla" so a work in progress.

              1. Thanks for the recommendation, guys. I visited this place last weekend and got a kilo. I live in Edmonton, and I hear there are some places here that sell fresh tortillas, but they would have to be pretty good to beat Las Tortillas.

                They also sell some varieties of refried beans and dried peppers that can be hard to find in the little shop. I picked up some to make tortilla soup and enchilada sauce. There was a sign saying they served some kind of tacos during limited hours, but I was kind of a in a rush and didn't take that close of a look.

                I made tostadas with the first few tortillas:

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