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Jul 1, 2008 07:19 PM

Kosher in Rechovot

Any recommendations for strictly kosher restaurants in Rechovot (near the Weizmann Institute)?

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  1. Hello!
    When we visited my husband's aunt & uncle in Rechovot 3 years ago, they took us out for lunch at the cafeteria at Weizmann. There didn't seem to be a requirement of a connection with the Institute. The food was surprisingly delicious, and it was fun to watch the students, etc. It was not full of tourists, and my teenagers enjoyed being at the school. It also was reasonably priced, which is why our older relatives go there regularly.
    Other than that, our uncle made great turkey schnitzel for dinner.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip, p.j.

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      1. re: moonlightgraham

        We are frequent visitors to Rechovot as our best friends live there.
        You have to realize that rechovot has one of the largest percentages of orthodoxy in Israel.
        There are dozens of Kosher restaurants of just about every type.