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Jul 1, 2008 06:57 PM


Three of us went to Sabatino's in East Arlington after a rather tough set of doubles at the Crosby tennis courts. I went mainly to get a big bottle of iced tea since I was so dehydrated, but gave in to my temptations and grabbed a slice of pepperoni. I had forgotten how good their pizza is--tasty thin-crust pizza that you can fold over and eat, and the slices are pretty huge. Arlington is pretty much a pizza wasteland, IMO, but this place isn't bad at all.

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  1. We used to love Sabatino's! We lived pretty close for a while and used to get delivery from there a lot. Very reliably good pizza. Love their steak bomb too.

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      love sabatino's. excellent cheese raviolis and great meatballs, super chicken dishes and can't forget the pizza. I have never had a bad dish there. great italian food and very affordable!!

    2. We go to Sabatino's in Waltham and in addition to the pizza, love their pastas. The portions are huge (serve 2) and come with yummy rolls made from pizza dough!