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Jul 1, 2008 06:48 PM

Walking from Kenmare/Mulberry to Douhnut Plant

I will be walking from Kenmare and Mulberry to Doughnut Plant tomorrow afternoon. I will not have any time to stop and eat. I would love some suggestions on things to pick up along the walk and bring with me. Specifically looking for sweet and savory buns (pork, red bean, etc.) beef jerky, fried dumplings. Not limited to these, any must stop and grab something places welcome (desserts, confections, breads). Thanks in advance.

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  1. These should be in geographical order (I'm a lil tired):

    (1) La Esquina Taqueria (one block east of your starting point) for a chorizo taco or some horchata to sip).

    (2) Saigon Bakery for bahn mi. #1, spicy. Mott between Grand and Hester (half a block south of your path).

    (3) Dumpling House for dumplings or really anything. Broome and Eldridge.

    (4) Gelato from Il Lab (Orchard and Broome).

    (5) A buttered bialy from Kossar's (steps from your destination).

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      This is a VERY chowhound-y post, D...DF. This is very similar to how I plan a day walking around Paris. It made me laugh.

    2. Lings beef jerky is an extra 5 minute walk from Doughnut plant.

      Egg Custard king on Grand and Forsyth street for Portugese don tot.

      1. The Malaysian beef jerky place isn't at all out of your way. It's on Elizabeth just below Grand.

        1. Thanks so much, chive and pork dumplings from dumpling house were great. Also got Portugese don tot. Luckily it was still very warm and soooooooo delicious after I got to my destination.

          1. There's Sugar Sweet Sunshine, or Babycakes if you don't mind the detour. Economy Candy makes for a slippery slide. Another detour would be the italian shops off Mulberry like Dipalos (I'd suggest rice balls from some of the other places nearby too). Closer to your starting point, there's Elaine's cheesecake, which has mini cakes, and cupcakes. You can find Despana on Broome street around the corner from Esquinos, for coffee,Spanish meats, cheeses, and neat stuff.