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Jul 1, 2008 06:24 PM

00 Flour for Pasta Dough

Is 00 Flour better than all purpose for homemade pasta dough? Do you know a good source (good price??) for this in San Francisco, Berkeley or Peninsula?

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  1. Berkeley Bowl has 00 flour that makes great fresh pasta provided you follow a recipe written with 00 pasta flour in mind.

    There are many kinds of 00, not all are appropriate for fresh pasta.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I found a very small, expensive bag of Ital brand 00 at Andronico and just used the Hazan recipe that calls for all purpose flour. What recipe do you use?

      1. re: walker

        00 is just the grind size; any protein content can be 00. Batali says, "Soft wheat flour, does however, produce the tender pasta at the heart of Emilia-Romagna's cuisine. Hard wheat flour, conversely, is lower in starch and higher in protein and gluten, producing firm and resilient pasta and superior bread. Durum wheat is high in gluten and is usually ground into semolina, a slightly coarser flour used in pasta production, particularly in the South of Italy. When purchasing flour, look at the nutrition panel for the protein content, which is listed in grams per pound."

        Essentially, for thin tender ethereal pasta, I've found the pastry flour in the bulk bins at Rainbow Grocery to be perfect. For everyday pastas I just use all purpose. For rustic pastas with a rougher texture and thicker noodles, I mix in 1/3 or even 100% semolina, again from the bulk bin at Rainbow Grocery. Sometimes I experiment with hard winter wheat Durum (bulk bins), which I think is similar in protein/gluten to semolina but more finely ground if I want a finer texture.

        As a home cook, you should start with all purpose; then try some with lower protein cake or pastry flour (might use less liquids per cup of flour). Then try some semolina, using liquid according to feel, and don't do it when you have guests coming because the rougher texture makes it harder to handle and the first time you aren't guaranteed results that are worth the effort.

        1. re: SteveG

          In my experience, 00 pasta flour gives better results than American all-purpose, and using part semolina will give you the opposite effect of using 00 pasta flour, but those are topics for the Home Cooking board.

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            Update: I thought Berkeley Bowl would have 00 in bulk but they only had those small Ital bags, $2.29 - so, it's cheaper than Andronico. I called Rainbow re bulk 00 and they have it for .99cents lb so that sounds good. I was looking for White Lily flour for cupcakes and it seems Andronico carries it.

      2. Rainbow Grocery in SF sells 00 italian flour

        1. 9:00am-8:00pm, seven days.

          Golden Natural Foods. 130 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114
          between Market and Duboce across from the Market St. Safeway

          1. The Pasta Shop in Berkeley (both) sells 00 flour.

            1. I've bought it at Rainbow to make pizza. Results were good, but the flour was definitely expensive (can't remember exactly how much) and it is imported (I've been trying to do the local foods thing for a while), so I haven't used it more than that one time.

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                Generally you want a different type of 00 for pizza (higher protein) than for pasta (lower).