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Jul 1, 2008 06:20 PM

Dallas picky eater

Going to dinner in Dallas on Saturday, party of 8 adults. We'd like somewhere in Dallas proper or a close northern suburb. Biggest problem is we have a few really picky eaters, really not into "fancy" chow worthy food. Budget for these folks would be mid range, $50-$75 per couple. Any thoughts?

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  1. Well as the husband of a "uber" picky eater I have to ask what kind of food do they like? My wife for instance will eat at Zorbas because she likes some greek food. So depending on what type of food they like the answer would be different.

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      1. The Catalina Room on Lemmon might meet your criteria.

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          I'll kick it up a notch and suggest that you check into Sevy's.

        2. Thanks gang, I'll see if any of those still have room for 8 people on a Saturday.

          Irodguy, the pickiest eater loves Mexian, but tends to only eat tortillas, butter, meat, and cheese. I know. Although what about El Ranchito? It's budget and seems to have a little of everything. Is it a safe area on a Saturday night?

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            El Ranchito has security there on the weekends. It's just not a problem, I would go there without worry. It's also really fun!

          2. The Porch on Henderson might fit your needs. Good atmosphere, close to Dallas, in your budget range, good food.