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Jul 1, 2008 05:51 PM

Warszawa Recommendations

I'm heading to Warszawa this evening and hoping somebody had some recommendations? Anything I should definitely try? Anything I should stay away from? Any help would be great!

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  1. The pierogis are great and I love the duck entree. I also very much enjoy the borscht, but I think the warm version in the winter is much better than the cold summer version. Really, though, everything I've had there has been very good.

    1. Love their bigos (hunter's stew).

      1. Have always enjoyed their half a duck dinner. With a good pinot noir it is a wonderful pairing. Nice staff. Enjoy yourself.

        1. Just figured I'd report back on what we had. I started with a simple (extra dry) potato vodka martini - delicious. I can safely say it was the best potato vodka martini I've had (I typically prefer grain vodkas), but if you're expecting ultra-smooth vodka, as my girlfriend was, stick to the grain vodka (or skip vodka all together!).

          We had the Polish sausage appetizer, which was quite good. Very rustic, simple but tasty. For main course, she had the pierogi's (sampler style) and I had the duck. I though the pierogi's were tasty, but not terribly large. To be honest, she was left wanting more food, but the flavor was pretty good.

          I had the duck. It was delicious, not at all dry, very moist, crispy skin and overall great taste. I love duck as a rule, and I'm constantly looking for the best duck I can find (Comme Ca is the current winner, and if anyone has other ideas, PLEASE let me know), this was above average duck. It was far from brilliant, but I wanted to use my fingers to pick meat off the bone more than would be acceptable in polite company.

          We finished the meal with a glass of Wawel (sp?) which was incredibly sweet and interesting. Not my cup of tea, since I tend to prefer wines more on the dry side, but then it was a dessert wine, so what can you expect?

          Overall I'd recommend the place as a casual dining experience. You won't be blown away, but in my experience they provide good food, good service and a unique atmosphere.

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            ...", and I'm constantly looking for the best duck I can find"...

            ..."and if anyone has other ideas, PLEASE let me know"....

            Unfortunately not in the 3 counties covered by this board; but the BEST Duck available anywhere in Southern California is probably here (11 options, check the pictures also):


          2. In addition to all of the above, anything with wild mushrooms. And the bacon-wrapped prunes! Wow!

            I think the only reason to avoid anything there is either that you're out of money or don't want to make a pig of yourself. Relax, go nuts, enjoy it.