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Jul 1, 2008 05:48 PM

Myrtle Beach -- Greg Norman's Australian Grille

First-time trip to Myrtle Beach for the 4th. Has anyone been to the Greg Norman/Todd English place in Barefoot Landing?? Any alternative suggestions in that general area?

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  1. Went there in August two years ago and it was the best meal of our trip. But I'm sure that there are lots of comparable places for the same amount of money that you would be happy with.

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    1. I don't know if this is in time enough for you but I think it is very good. It is wonderful sitting outside and dining on the waterway with a glass of wine.

      Yes, it is very expensive but I've found it to be consistent.

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        Are you kidding???? me that place is awful i wouldnt even go if you paid me its not worth the time or effort. Have you been to Barefoot landing recently half the stores are just closed i wonder why? The only time people go to Gregs is when they get to use that coupon that is a rip off cause they charge you 20% for tip no matter how awful your service was. Maibyes, new york prime, and ruth chris are they best places to go in the area

        1. re: bmgsmg72

          Yes, I've eaten at Ruths Chris, NY Prime (since they opened), Thoroughbreds, and Rossis along with Greg Normans.

          While GN is expensive, I've always had excellent meals there.

          Yes, I've been to Barefoot recently. Actually, I was at golfing there yesterday on the 19 hole hybrid and ran over to Kligs Kites afterward.

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            Divine Prime is also very good there are just so many better places to go in myrtle beach then Gregs what did you get at Gregs every time ive been there my meat def seemed lower grade then they said. Look at the reviews on myrtle beach restaurants .com most people would agree with me. LeGrands right across from Gregs, is ok but very hit or miss with the service. Also if you havent been to miabyes yet make sure you go at like 5pm for the happy hour best deal in myrtle beach. What did you think of Ruth Chris and NY Prime? I thought NY prime had an amazing steak but i did not like the whole seating area it did not feel like high class to me. Ruth Chris is amazing as always ive never had a bad meal there and the service is great.

      2. GN Grille is pretty good but very pricey. Nice atmosphere. Other places to try that are close by are Joe's Bar & Grille (NOT Joe's Burger!); it's on the marsh and across street from Barefoot. Flamingo Grill has the best steaks and seafood I have found there. Great bar too! Rossi's is also a very nice, upscale italian place and Thoroughbred's is wonderful and in the same price range as GN Grille. Further up in OD is a place called Sea Blue - amazing. And make the drive to Little River for the Parson's Table. Worth it! Have fun!

        1. This was one of my worst dining experiences. I need to preface this with the fact that I have dined in world class restaurants in Boston, New York, Vegas, etc. That being said, we had wonderful meals in Murrell's Inlet and even at LeGrand's in Barefoot Landing. Our meals were reasonably priced, fresh, delicious and service was amazing. We chose our last night in Myrtle Beach to be at Greg Norman's based upon location. The two menus were completely different, we ordered the flatbread app and it had pesto (we both have nut allergies) and they refused to remove it from the bill. The wine (Greg Norman wine) came in glasses with lipstick stains. Instead of getting new glasses we watched the waitress pour the same wine into new glasses. Then our rare to medium rare steaks arrived well done - pointed out to the waitress and she said "that is our rare".... moral of the story? Stay away!!!