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Jul 1, 2008 05:34 PM

Strawberry picking near Plymouth, VT?

Plymouth is on Route 100, near Okemo ski area/Ludlow, VT. Any advice for picking strawberries (preferably organic) nearby? TIA.

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  1. Wild strawberries can be found in those parts. Tiny but tastiest of all. Try hunting in hayfields or an idle pasture. The right local might share some secrets with you.

    1. The strawberries here are pretty well done for the season, thanks to all the rain in the last week or so. Forget about organics. The only places that are still picking are the ones that spray – heavily. I bought two flats today, and the whole kitchen smells of chemicals. :-(

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        I just wanted to chime that there are some places in VT where the organic strawberries are still looking and tasting good. I picked 8 pounds of gorgeous and delicious organic strawberries on Sunday at an organic farm in the Champlain Valley (Last Resort Farm in Monkton). And there were a whole lot left!

        But, I do realize that this is 90 miles from Plymouth and that VT has many different microclimates, so this may not be very useful info for the OP.

        PS- I don't know anything about strawberry varieties, but they had several..cavendish, jewel and sparkle among them. All have been tasty but I think the cavendish is the my fave.

        1. re: abc23

          Thanks, everyone....I'll be tucking this info away for next June.....