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Jul 1, 2008 05:19 PM

Grocery Outlet July 2008

At the San Pablo GO - they still have a few bags of the White Lilly Flour along with :
Mi-Del Lemon Snaps for 69 cents a bag ......
Miss Vicki's Potato Chips - medium bag for $1.29 - cheese flavor and also buttermilk(ranch?)
Asstd Chocolate Bars for 99 cents : Lindt - Orange w/ milk choc. and Hazlenut w/milk chocolate ...... Ghiradelli Bar with 60% cocoa or something like that ......and some other lesser known brands ....
Jams/Preserves : Bonne Maman (French) cherry preserves - $1.99
also Smith ( Canadian ) fruit preserves that are pretty good for $1.99
Anna's Swedish cookies - thins. Coffee and lemon flavors ....
Dairy - Challenge Heavy Whipping Cream - Quart size for $1.99 - good deal. check the date .....
Cheeses - Sonoma Jack - Blue Jack slices. Cabot - 8oz Horseradish Cheddar for $1.79 and Racer's Edge Sharp Cheddar - 8oz for $1.99 - Cabot cheddars are generally pretty good.
Ice Cream - Pints of Haagen Daas Triple Chocolate for $1.49
Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry -- unfolded ..... 8 sheets for $12 or $13.?

Fancy Schmancy Yoghurt - Rachel's Wickedly Delicious. No Artificial Growth Hormones ( I like the real stuff myself!) "Blissfully Blended" " Luscious blended yogurt inspired by the planet's most alluring fruits and flavors" - Mango/Pineapple/Passion Fruit. "Blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction" - Vanilla Chai flavor. You get the idea ........ it's like if the folks who run Cafe Gratitude made yogurt....
Happy Hunting .......

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  1. Took a little field trip to the new Novato store (1535 S. Novato Blvd) and found a huge, clean, well-stocked supermarket. Compared to Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park and Berkeley stores, folks here think more about making shopping a pleasant, easy experience. Things I appreciated include how items are grouped (logically) and stocked (well) and selected (more choices). The cheese case was a trip, just because it was so un-GO. And they've focussed on a large produce section. There are even bathrooms & a drinking fountain. Wow.

    The one thing that's better at Santa Rosa is the natural foods section - makes it easier to find packaged specials.

    RW worried last month that money spent on store improvements would lead to higher prices. Yes, their quart of milk is up from $.99 to $1.39, but it's hard to blame it on all on upgrades. Food costs are rising everywhere & GOs prices are still better than most stores - at least on the basics.

    BTW, there were bison burgers (6 for $6.99) at Santa Rosa GO last week. Also organic chicken burritos (8 for $8.99). Both were pretty good for frozen food.

    There are other new stores to check out

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    1. re: Columba

      Thanks Columba-- I am only 11 miles away in Petaluma- Just came back from the Petaluma store
      Zambda organic juice- peach and apple, orange and mango in great supply
      Found my Caribou coffee bars
      Nothing else jumping out at me.
      I even pitched chowhound to another woman in line who goes to ALL the grocery outlet stores north of Marin:)
      I liked the Rohnert Park store for the Amy's organic frozen foods -- lots of choices.
      Now I have two reasons to go to Novato (other has something to do with yarn) :)

    2. Went to RWC GO:
      They also had Bison Burgers, more than 1 brand in fact, 6 for $6.99. Was tempted to buy to try, but have limited freezer space, so that'll have to be for next time.
      Annie's Natural Dressings - various flavors, but I got the Goddess Dressing - .99 Exp 8/08
      V8 Fusion Juices - 2 or 3 different flavors - $2.49 / each
      POM Pomogranate Lychee Green Tea - $1.49/each
      Alouette Reserve Baby Brie (8 oz) - $2.40 - thought I try it out. It's a blend of cow and goat milk.
      Cheez-it - Spicy Fiesta flavor - $1.69 - Safeway had same size for $2.50/each.
      Couldn't find any Organic Chicken broth, but bought xome National Beef Broth for $.99/each
      Alexia (all natural) Chicken Nuggets with Spinach and Feta Cheese - $2.99/7 oz package - tried these last time for my son, who really like them, plus they have some spinach (veg) in with the chicken.

      1. San Pablo

        The Hormel Naturals salami is back ($1.49). This is a good beef salami. However, if you see the pepperoni (99 cents), that is the real star ... snap it up.

        Yoplait - 3 for $1. Large size of Yoplait $1.49.

        There was some nice white Saag's bockwurst ($3.99) and Millers habenero hot dogs. Elf brand herring is also back.

        White Lily flour is gone.

        If anyone tries the Blue Jack, let me know. It looks like a horror but seems like a good idea if you like blue cheese burgers. It is individually wrapped slices of blue-veined jack cheese ... like American slices. However, it it a BIG block and I don't want to commit to that much cheese. This is something that would be a nitch product and I can't think of anyone I know but me who might want this ... if it is any good.

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        1. re: rworange

          If you are talking about the Sonoma Jack blue cheese slices, I've had it on sammiches from Traverso's (they recently, in the past few months, started having it as a cheese option for sammiches) and tried a slice or two plain, and it is tasty. Not overly blue-cheesy (ie: not too strong and overpowering for people who have issues with strong cheese), good slightly creamy texture. For blue cheese lovers, it's a great sammich or burger addition, and nice to have it individually blue cheese is often difficult to get into slices without it crumbling. I might have to check out the Santa Rosa GO and see if they have it available.

          1. re: chocolateninja

            We carry the Blue Jack where I work, and our sales rep told me it was developed first for people who find regular blue cheese too strong a flavor; and secondly, to allow you to have a blue that will melt, for example, atop a freshly-grilled burger (regular blue cheese won't really melt). Blending the blue with the Jack does the trick.

            We sell quite a bit of it whenever we demo/sample it. Plus it's a pretty cheese - looks a lot like marble. And yesterday we sampled it alongside Ford Farm's Cheddar with Elderberry Wine, which is a pink-marbled cheese. Look great together...

            1. re: cmvan

              I dunno -- that Blue Jack must not be doing well somewhere because RWC now has it in 3 different form factors. No pre-sliced this time, but there was a rectangle block, a circular chunk about 4 in. across and a triangular cut. I liked it fine, but I'm a much bigger fan of straight, stinky blue cheese. If I didn't have more than 1/2 a pkg of that pre-sliced still (I'm the only blue cheese eater in the house), I probably would have gotten one of the chunks to shred it up for mac 'n cheese.

              Other good gets at RWC today:
              Amy's bean and cheese burritos - $1.49
              Edy's Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream Bars
              Heinz Organic Ketchup (exp. Aug. 08)
              High Plains Bison Meatloaf (frozen section -- 2 lbs. 2 oz) -- $4.99 -- Didn't get this, but thought I'd mention it since the bison burgers were popular this month.

              Also some Coleman Organic frozen chicken nuggets. Didn't jot down the price.

              1. re: kivarita

                Oooh, shredding it for mac n cheese sounds like a great idea. I made mac n cheese the other day from odds and ends in the cheese drawer, including some dried out blue cheese, and it was delicious.

                1. re: kivarita

                  Arrrrgh ... I went to the Oakland store today hoping I'd find one of the small blue cheese packs ... no luck.

                  They did have Sirius Vodka from France for $9.99. I don't think it is quite the $30 saving the sign says since I've seen it priced for $15.99 at Bev Mo ... still a nice little savings.

                  Box Star 2006 cabernet sauvignon 3 liter box $4.99

                  Box Star Shiraz 3 liter box $4.99

                  As good as any other box wine.Nothing amazing but a decent table wine. I like the shiraz better. Average price on the web $14.99

                  1. re: rworange

                    I didn't see any of the Sonoma Blue Jack today. I did find some "imported from Italy" ricotta salata, pre-cut random weight, $3.99/lb., but I only saw two pieces. I also only saw one Columbus salami, hot pepper-fennel, $1.99, and I bought it, so anyone else might be out of luck (it's really hot, but delicious after I wiped most of the spicy coating off). I put it on the Amy's pesto pizza, which I bought because Melanie recommended it, and it's probably the best frozen pizza I've tried, although not cheap at $4.99 even at Grocery Outlet.

                    Also in the deli case:

                    Nasoya organic soft tofu, 14 ounce water-pack container, 79 cents
                    Saag's Bockwurst, smoked brats and British Bangers, $3.99
                    Oscar Mayer wieners, 99 cents (my favorites!)
                    Oscar Mayer thick center cut bacon, 12 ounces, $1.99

                    They still have the Haagen Daaz Mayan Chocolate for 99 cents and the Triple Chocolate, and now the Black Raspberry Chip for $1.49.

                    First time I've seen Delizia Organic EVOO, $3.99 for 250 ml and $7.99 for 750 ml. I bought some but haven't opened it yet.

                    I've been buying the Lily canned salmon $1.49 for my dog, and it seems like pretty good quality compared to other brands I've bought.

                    No decent chocolate at all.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      Glad you liked the Amy's pesto pizza. I agree that it's about the best frozen pizza out there, especially if you're patient and cook the crust until it's crunchy and brown. Has a nice nuttiness from the whole wheat. I also like the margherita from Amy's which has a thinner crust. Yeah, $5 is kinda high, but we've been sampling all the other brands and this is the only one I'd buy again.

                      Also wanted to mention that I liked the Miss Vicki's chips in gw's original post. Tried both the ranch dressing and the cheese flavors, serving them along with a pair of Jacquesson champagne cuvees that a friend brought to dinner for a 2x2 taste-off.

                      "Dead soldiers" -

                    2. re: rworange

                      Check the Berkeley store. I was there this evening and saw triangle wedges of blue cheese.

                      The also have POM juice blend of pomegranate and tangerine ~ $1.99 for 16 oz.

              2. re: rworange

                Just added the pepperoni (Hormel from Berkeley GO) to my pizza and it was fine. Best buy date was 7/5/08. Buy it and freeze it. However larger size package (4oz vs 3.15 oz) Hormel larger diameter pepperoni at $.99 store is, ta da, 99 cents. I could not find date.

                1. re: rworange

                  Yes, really liked the Hormel pepperoni. We've been putting it on Amy's pesto pizza ($4.99).

                2. Got some good stuff today at the Oakland Groc Out.

                  Of interest:

                  -Zenith brand dolmas (imported from Greece) for $1.49. My tin had 12 decent sized dolmas, although the info on the container said 10. These are excellent. Tangy, moist, very flavorful. Best canned dolmas I've had.

                  -Deli slab of Land O' Lakes cheddar cheese (8 lbs I think?) for $11.99. Great deal for decent, multi-use cheddar. I now have a fridge full of cheese, which makes me very happy:)

                  - Pepperidge farm Chocolate chunk cookies (chocolate cookies w/ white chocolate chips) for $1.49. Not my thing, but my husband likes them. I think at Safeway they're normally around $3, or $2.50 on sale

                  -Also in the husband-pleasing category, bacon flavored crackers have returned! My husband can't get enough of these greasy, salty, trans fat-laden monstrosities. If anyone else loves 'em, they're back for .99 a box

                  Happy shopping!

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                  1. re: Hunicsz

                    That is one impressive log of cheese ... almost as big as a Duraflame log. The San Pablo store has it also. I've really come to appreciate Land O' Lakes prodcts.

                    Also at the San Pablo Store

                    - $1.49 White Lily Cornmeal mix from Tennesse - 5lbs
                    - $1.49 Dole pineapple, orange, banana juice 1/2 gallon
                    - $1.29 Roche Bros natural Applesauce 6 4oz single-serving cups (best by ... one year from now 7/12/2009)

                    I had a cup of applesauce for lunch and it is good. There's just apples, water and salt. Tastes as good as Mott's or whatever applesauce is on grocery shelves. I'm going back to get more.

                    If shopping at the San Pablo store, maybe stop by La Loma #5 across the street. Today they had organic (organico) tomatoes 3 lbs for $1. Not extremely flavorful, but good for making a salsa fresca. La Loma makes their own tortillas which are good.

                    And across the street from La Loma in front of a closed store a cactus has burst into full bloom with big white dahlia-like flowers. I've never seen a cactus flower that looked like this. To keep this on food ... who knows ... maybe there will be some sort of catus fruit up the line.

                    1. re: Hunicsz


                      Thanks for the heads up on dolmas. Found them in Santa Rosa in mid-way down canned fruit & veggie section.

                      – Wonder Drink sparkling kombucha green tea 12 oz can for $.25

                      – Lots of boxed soup choices including roasted carrot.

                      – Rice Dream horchata Qt. for $1.29, haven't tried it yet.

                      – Roman Meal 8 servings of maple sugar sweetened instant hot cereal for $1.49. Too sweet by half, but okay with plain yogurt, nuts & fruit.

                      – Baked kettle chips for $1.29

                      – Alter-Eco milk chocolate bars for $.99

                      – Still were bison burgers in the freezer & a good selection of Amy's frozen entree items. Ice cream selection so-so – no pints of HD or B&J.

                    2. Not much new and exciting at RWC. But the best item today was:

                      Kettle Chips (organic) Chipotle Barbecue flavor - $1.29 for 5 oz. bag

                      I've bought these a couple of times at Piazza's -- I love them. It's not the Death Valley Chipotle flavor, but Chipotle BBQ. So it has that nice sweetness of a BBQ chip. For $1.29 that's about half off, I think.

                      Also had a bunch of Clif Bars and Luna Bars.
                      Clif Iced Gingerbread -- exp. Sept. 08.