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Jul 1, 2008 05:10 PM

Looking for a great restaurant that is off the 210 fwy between Monrovia and the 57 freeway?

Hello! Pasadena is too far west for some people to drive to meet for dinner...looking for something preferably Japanese...or at least nothing too "meat heavy" Thank you!!!!

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  1. Well, I lived in East Pasadena 6 years ago, and worked in Arcadia, but there was a place in a strip mall in Monrovia that was supposed to be really good - Sesame Grill. You may want a more up to date rec, tho.

    1. Hana Haru, in the Sports Chalet shopping center, just north of the 210 at the Grand offramp in Glendora.

      1. How about Empanada's Gourmet in Monrovia (on Lemon just east of Myrtle) - somewhat slow service (but very earnest) and the wide assortment of meat and no meat empanadas, plus some very good salads should make folks happy.