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Jul 1, 2008 05:00 PM

Does anybody know any good Japanese restaurants in Down town Little Tokyo?

I want to take my friends out to a Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo since they've never been to this place before. Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!!

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  1. everyone get in line, please.

    for me, Takumi or Sushi Gen for sushi;
    Izayoi for izakaya;
    Kokekeko for yakitori
    Since the Chow-spouse and Chow-pup don't do pork products, I'm not the person to reccomend a ramen place.

    r gould-saltman
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    1. My hands-down favorite are Izayoi on Central and Raku Plus in the Honda Plaza on 2nd/Central--probably the best quality in terms of food and menu variety. Plus chefs are Japanese, if that matters to you.

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        I agree with Raku and Sushi Gen. It doesn't matter to me but chef/owner of Raku is Korean born in Japan.

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          I agree, Izayoi is fabulous. Their sushi is a treat, too. Very high-quality, pleasantly affordable.

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            On an unrelated note, have you been back to Totoraku recently? I've been curious about the place since I read your review from several years back.

            Mr Taster

          2. Suehiro Cafe on 1st St has a very solid and reasonably priced casual Japanese menu. Also Kagaya in Honda Plaza is a very good shabu shabu joint. Kokkekoko on 2nd and Central (??, next to American Apparel) has an all-chicken menu that is served in a 6-course or 10-course setup.

            1. daikokuya for ramen

              327 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

              1. There's actually a really great shabu shabu place in Little Tokyo. All my friends have been, and they say it's the best they've ever had...sadly, I don't know the same. But it's the only place where they put a clipboard on the door prior to opening and people have to sign themselves in...the open at 11am and people I know put their names on the board at 10am. All I know is that it's a tiny dive-like place.

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                  I believe it's just called Shabu Shabu House, and it's located in Japanese Village Plaza.

                  Another option you have for shabu shabu is Kushi Shabu, located in Weller Court. They've got $25 AYCE and much less of a wait. I haven't had Shabu House, so I can't compare quality, but Kushi wasn't bad at all.

                  1. re: MeAndroo

                    I can't agree with the love for shabu shabu house. We went once, paid a premium for a tiny quantity of meat, and a bowl of bland bland bland bowl of hot water with a square of seaweed floating on top which we were meant to believe was "soup". Now don't get me wrong-- it's not that the food tasted bad (except for the "soup")... it's just that when you factor in the outrageously long wait with the way out of proportion price, it's just not worth it.

                    Mr Taster