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Jul 1, 2008 04:55 PM

East Bay bakeries for small and cheap wedding cake/cupcakes

I am helping a friend out with the desserts for her wedding in August and am looking for something nice but not too expensive. The total guest count is 130 and the bride is fine with having a very small wedding-ish cake for the cutting ceremony and then either having a sheet cake or cupcakes to make sure that everyone can have dessert. The catch is that she would like to stay around $250. I have checked out Neldam's in Oakland and think that might work, but was curious if anyone has other ideas? It would be nice to have more options. The wedding is actually in Aptos and I would be bringing the desserts to the wedding myself, so something easily transportable is essential.

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  1. Check Safeway. They did my son's wedding cake. It was lovely, and not real expensive. They did the flowers also. At that time they did not deliver, but a friend with a van brought everything.

    Also Costco does wonderful sheet cakes and cupcakes. Check them out.

    1. You might call Merritt Bakery...similar to Neldams in many ways.

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        I would vote for Neldam's cakes over Merrit's, which have been a little too dry for my tastes.

      2. A sheet cake will be substantially cheaper than cupcakes. It will also avoid the dryness problem that often plagues cupcakes.

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          I'd add that a sheet cake is probably more meaningful, symbolically, because you are still getting your personal piece cut from a whole. We did just that, a "presentation" cake plus a sheet cake, for my mother's 90th B'day bash (ca. 100 people).

        2. Even though it may be out of the price range, it's probably worth calling Gayle's in Capitola to see what they could do for $250. Much shorter commute time with the goodies.

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            Also might check out Aki's in San Jose. On the expensive side but a Guava sheet cake might be the thing.

          2. Try Virginia Bakery in berkeley.

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              Yeah, I second Virgina Bakery. Neldham's is having some financial difficulty and while I hate to deprive them of a little business, I'm not sure what their status will be in August.

              Virginia does such a pretty job of decorating cupcakes too.