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Jul 1, 2008 04:31 PM

Lakewood/Lincoln Park Help?


I am visiting for just 24 hours, arriving tomorrow at 2:30. I know it is short notice, but I am hoping for great suggestions. I have been reading this board for a few days, and haven't found listings in this neighborhood. Will I need to travel to find something great? I won't have a car, but do not mind traveling for good food.

Suggestions in other areas that have interested me so far are Xni-Pec, Blackbird, Avec, Frontera, Mercat a la Planxa, or just a good beef sandwich. I have had pizza in Chicago before and liked it, but am not sure I want to have it again if I should try something else.

Thank You!

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  1. There are many dozens great restaurants in the two neighborhoods you've mentioned. You definitely won't need a car - hopping on a CTA train to get you downtown for the haute cuisine or to a closer excellent neighborhood joint will be a piece of cake- I don't know how long you have to spend inf ront of a computer tonight, but here's what I do when the choices just get too overwhelming-
    Google-Map the address where you're staying- search for near-by restaurants, cross reference likely sounding candidates on user review websites. In Chicago, some good ones are obviously this board,, and
    Best of luck!

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      I think it's worth travelling for Frontera, Blackbird, Avec or Mercat. They're not really that far from Lincoln Park (a few miles and like $10-$12 cab ride or $2 on the CTA) and I think the better food outweighs the travel inconvenience.

    2. If you have the money, Mercat a la Planxa might be your best bet. It is too expensive for me, but do tell us how it was.