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Jul 1, 2008 04:23 PM

what to do with ouzo (besides drinking it on the rocks)?

I have 6 bottles of there anything I can make with it?

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  1. There is a greek sauce made from tomatoes and ouzo that is pretty tastey. I have had it served with Salmon, but have never made it. I bet if you google it though you can find something.

    1. There is a nice recipe for fresh squeezed orange juice & sambuca sorbet, but I bet ouzo would taste good in it instead. It's in Silver Palate Good Times.

      1. I poach scallops in Pernod. You could sub ouzo for that.

        1. As others have mentioned: seafood. Mild-flavored fish or shellfish are great when poached in pastis and water. Pastis also makes a welcome addition to soups and sauces containing tomatoes and seafood, or tomato sauces meant for seafood. Putting ouzo in bouillabase might cause a Real Marseillais to freak out, but other than that it would be a fine substitution.

          1. This wouldn't use it all up, but it's a good sub for extracts in Greek cookies or pastries.