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Jul 1, 2008 03:55 PM
Discussion chelsea

visitors are in toronto, a younge couple with children 3 yrs, 5 yrs and an infant, staying at the delta chelsea...and need some help with child-friendly restaurant options. They enjoy italian, chinese, pizza, and indian too.
Any recommendations?
Thanks chowhound!!!

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  1. Spaghetti factory...?

    Its over the top.

    I loved it when i was a kid and the foods allright now.

    The main dining area is really loud(both sight and sound).
    I would call ahead and reserve a seat in the train car or one of the side rooms.

    1. Just a question. With such young kids, how will they be getting around the city? If they are staying relatively close to the downtown core, here are a few spots:

      Rol San
      New Sky
      Sambuca (on Baldwin Street)

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        OOhh, I can def second the rec for Baldwin St. There are what seems to be about 15 ethnicities represented with lots of patios. It makes for a lovely stroll and you're bound to find something everyone will like.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I have recently [just past midnight last night] found out that I will be having visitors in August - staying for just over a week. They have a five year old son who is generally well-behaved and very comfortable in a restaurant. They all enjoy any kind of food [seriously - anything!] and they will be staying downtown [possibly the Sheraton Centre], but are very comfortable on TTC.

          Since they will be here for so long they will need some inexpensive/casual places and some nicer places - so I will be watching this space!

          1. Within the immediate area, you have some pretty good, cheap, child friendly options. On Yonge street (make a left once you get out there) there is a good, open late Falafel/Shawarma place called Red and White. It looks kind of shabby, but the food is top notch and a chicken plate with salad and rice will cost you about $7.

            Across the street, Doner Kebab makes nice doner sandwiches for around $5.

            Further north on Yonge (past College/Carlton sts.) is Kathmandu restaurant. I like their butter chicken and their lamb sali bothi (with potato sticks and dried apricots)

            I've heard Ritz on Yonge, just north of College is good for Jerk Chicken and rice and peas (Jamaican style) but I haven't eaten there myself. It's worth a visit, though.

            And for breakfast, go south to Dundas and Victoria sts. (just behind the square) to the Senator Diner ( Toronto's oldest restaurant (1929) and great, upscale diner food with awesome coffee.

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              I don't consider the Senator to be "upscale diner food" (unless you mean the price). I think it's pretty pedestrian, and IMO not quite worth the prices.