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Jul 1, 2008 03:50 PM

Best (i.e. decent) Chinese Delivery in LES???

Not looking for anything out of Chinatown, that's a discussion for a different time. I'm just trying to find a good source for delivery of Americanized Chinese standards. Think hot and sour soup, chicken with eggplant, moo shu pork, and maybe the occasional general tso's.

It seems that all the places in the LES are cut from the same cloth; identified as being small take-out only storefronts and featuring many non-chinese fried items (such as chicken, french fries, and plantains). As Chinese food has pretty much been adapted and localized the world over, it strikes me that this vein of Chinese restaurant is primarily catering to the Dominican population in the neighborhood. As compared to Chinese takeout in other parts of Manhattan, I am not a fan. The sauces are overly sweet and gloppy, the ingredients tend to be lower quality and not that fresh, and the style is just plain different than what I'm accustomed to. The best I've found is Golden Forest on Grand, but it's merely a tick better than the others.


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  1. Grand Sichuan St. Marks should deliver to you, at least if ordered on seamless web. I prefer the more authentic Sichuan dishes (cumin beef, for example), but they serve a large variety of American Chinese food, too, that I'm sure is better than LES takeout joints.

    1. In addition to Grand Sichuan, Congee Village will deliver (depending on where you are in LES--I used to get delivery on 2nd St betw 1st & A)

      1. Ummm ... No. That's not what I'm looking for.

        1. Wa Lung is take out only, but they're usually pretty good. Occasionally they're asleep at the wheel - delivery takes a lifetime and the food's lousy. But more often than not, it's fine.

          There's also Lily's on Oliver (they deliver to the LES). I like it less than Wa Lung, but who knows? you may like it more.

          1. Thank you very much, Lily's seems to be what I'm looking for (despite a menu that is half Japanese food).

            I've tried Wa Lung and didn't like it. Same style as all the other places in the neighborhood.

            Are there any more suggestions for Chinese delivery in the LES that (a) is not a "Chinatown" institution and (b) does not serve KETCHUP?

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              It's a divey, greasy kind of spot, but a close friend of mine likes Plump Dumpling a lot. The menu seems to have a lot of Americanized Chinese standards...I hope they deliver as far south as the LES.