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Jul 1, 2008 03:49 PM

special anniversary dinner -- rec's?

Hi all,

This weekend we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. My parents' anniversary is the following weekend, so we all decided to go out to dinner together. I've been trying to think of a nice place for this, but it is clear that I need some help from those who have more knowledge about good restaurants. Chowhounds, I need your recommendations for a restaurant appropriate for this special occasion!

Here are our (many, I know) stipulations:

-Ideally, mid priced entrees (20$?), but are willing to pay more if necessary
-a place that is not too noisy (so we can enjoy our conversation)
-comfortable seating (read: tables not crammed together cheek by jowl)
-an upscale atmosphere, but NOT stiff or stuffy or service that is too fussy
-menu MUST have interesting options for vegetarians, as my husband and myself are veggie (my parents are not). By "interesting", I mean something better than a simple tomato pasta that is thrown together as an afterthought (like many non-veggie restaurants tend to do)
-flavorful (spicy, even, if possible) food, but NO foie gras or similar heavy, creamy French-style foods
-a nice view would be wonderful, but isn't imperative

Any ideas?? I'm desperate....

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  1. I notice you posted the same kind of request for an anniversary dinner with your parents last year. Where did you end up and how did it go? Might help with new recos this time round.

    1. How about Boba? They have recently revamped the restaurant and the prices have come down substantially. I haven't eaten there in a while (it has always been great in the past) but it definitely meets your other criteria.

      1. The original comment has been removed