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in search of good variety of Melinda's hot sauces

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We will be in CHicago in three weeks.
Am looking for Melinda's hot sauces.
We will be staying in Niles, Il


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Never heard of them. But you may want to check out some of the Heaven on Seven spots. I seem to recall that they sell different brands of hot sauces.

      1. Love Melinda's hot sauces.

        I have found them at Cost Plus World Markets, I believe there is a location up north where you will be. I have also seen them at Super Walmart, and some Jewel food stores.

        good luck in your search

        1. Count me as a fan of Melinda's as well. Just as an FYI you can also order them online directly from Melindas - http://www.melindas.com/products.html

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            I realize that I can buy them from their website, but as I live in Toronto, not a practical solution.
            Also, they are expensive with shipping costs added. In Toronto we can buy them for about $7 a bottle which is too expensive.

            When I was in New York last year, I bought 10 various bottles for between $2.60 and $4.00.

            I’m just trying to find a supply when we are in Chicago to tide me through for the next 12 months.

            Thanks. Paul

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              I am a melinda's Rep. I can answer anything, I can take orders. We call them fan orders. We cater to the wholesale market, but we are loyal to our fans. email your questions if any. jsmith@figbros.com oh and i agree $7 is too much. I can search your area for you. we do quite a bit of business in canada.

          2. The original comment has been removed