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Jul 1, 2008 03:08 PM

Jacksonville/St. Augustine?

We are off to Jacksonville to visit friends, check out some minor league baseball & eat BBQ.
Looking for some recs - fried chicken with good southern sides, BBQ, seafood.
Also visiting St. Augustine (9 year old must see some gators), and possibly up to Savannah on the weekend.
Coming from SoCal so don't need fine dining/international. Looking for local, off the beaten track, southern food & hospitality.
Any suggestions? We are already set at The Shack on the Track just over the border in GA which comes highly recommended.

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  1. Barbars Jean's on the Intercoastal has great seafood and also a selection of Home cooking at very moderate prices. Their country fried chicken breast with cream gravy ( not pre frozen) is wonderful. Don Juan's for Mexican In Jacksonville. Locally owned, nota a chain, everything fresh. Sonny's BBQ, Metro Diner for breakfast or lunch.

    Just thought of one more. If you go to Savannah, Tuby's Tank House on River St. has great seafood. Live music, Jimmy Buffet style, starts on the outside deck at 5:00 pm. Also there is a "Foody Tour" That goes to 7 different places and is wonderful.

    1. Not sure about the name of the restaurant, but there used to be a decent bbq place at The Landings on the St. Johns River in Downtown Jax. Even if you don't eat there, the landings is worth checking out. It offers a great view of the river/downtown along with an assortment of restaurants and shopping. If you're headed to Savannah, I would check out the infamous Lady and Sons or Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.

      1. I was just in Jax for two weeks. Try O'Steens in St. Augustine, perfect fried shrimp, great typical southern sides. In Jax, Sliders in Neptune beach is very casual, great seafood. Casbah in Riverside has wonderful middle eastern food and hookahs that are great fun. Beach Road Chicken Dinner on Atlantic Blvd is THE place for great fried chicken and sides. Bono's in my opinion has the best bbq, Sonny's is ok, but doesn't hold a candle to Bono's. Fox in Riverside is the best place in Jax for b-fast of lunch for typical southern food done well. enjoy!

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          I second the Beach Road Chicken. They've been doing it since the 30s, and it is the ultimate place for friend chicken. For BBQ, find a Bono's and try the ribs for sure.

        2. I agree with Barbara Jean's. Great location and the best bread basket! I have to recommend Mojo's Kitchen for BBQ over Bono's. Mojo's is N.C. style and it is wonderful. We eat there often. There is one at the beach that also hosts live music. There is also a place in the Mayport area (Beaches) called K.J.'s kitchen that does great southern style, soul food.
          If you're downtown for a Sun's game then I recommend the Burrito Gallery. It is downtown on Adams St. If you're from SoCal then you already know burritos but this place has a fun bar and a funky atmosphere too.