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Fried Whole Belly Clams

Does anyone know where a can find a restaurant in South Florida (East Coast) that serves fried whole belly clams? I am a transplanted New Englander and my craving is out of control!!!!

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  1. Kelley's Landing in Ft. Lauderdale


    also try Tark's on US1 in Dania Beach.

    Kelly's Landing-New England
    1305 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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    1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

      Kelly's Landing!!!
      Im up in New England right now, and I have had BETTER meals at Kelly's Landing then I have up here.

      1. re: chow003

        As a native Rhode Islander, I'd have to agree. The clams, especially, are sensational.

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          Hey CHOW003
          Not sure where u are in NEw England right now, but if your near 128 North, the (CAPE ANN) area of the North Shore, take the ESSEX exit going North on 128, and go EAST, in Gloucester on the right hand side is the BEST Seafood Restaurant called "THE CAUSEWAY". The biggest whole bellied fried clams..I swear u can;t eat the entire plate. hardly any fries, all clams. Its like $15.95..Going rate..Nothing too look at, decor is bad. But the food! 5 STARS. Next time anyone is in that part of Massachusetts PLEASE GO!

        2. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          The Chowfather's right but not about the yankees (GO SAWX!) Kelley's is the place for New England-style seafood, especially fried whole belly clams and lobster rolls served on the correct hot dog bun. My wife's from Boston and this is where we go when she needs a fried clam fix. For us, it's worth the drive from Boca.

          You could also try Legal Seafood. There are three in the area: Boca Raton at the Town Center mall, West Palm Beach at City Place, and Sunrise at the Sawgrass mall. Find maps and their locations here: http://snipurl.com/2sgvb

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            Yes most definatley!! I know for a fact that kelly's flies in all of their northern fare direct from boston.

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              Thanks RICK;;Legal Seafood is a RIP OFF..The Clam Plate there is horrible..They give only a few, and more like strips, than bellies. KELLYS in FTL is nice, but...I heard there was a place on the ocean in Lake Worth, called J&G? I think it might be gone now? I heard they had the Whole bellied Clams?
              What is it with these "YANKESS FANS??? I am talking about New ENGLAND here, and New YORK is not part of it..Besides the RED SOX rule...

              1. re: Bocajack

                Disagree about Legal Seafood's fried clams, the ones in Boston anyways. They may be a little pricey but I've always enjoyed them growing up and as an option at Logan Airport. I've been to The Causeway and their clams are pretty good but Woodman's is better for clams and New England seafood in general.

                1. re: Blind Mind

                  Hello Blind Man..In Response to your opinion about Legal Seafoods "Fried Clams", I never had them in Boston. I have had the Fried Clam plates in Boca Raton where I live, and in Sunrise and I was disapointed by the Price for one thing and the quantity.
                  In New England when you get a "CLAM PLATE" the clams are piled high on french fries.Here in south Florida, they serve them on a large fancy plate, spread out, with fries all around..I was dis pleased.
                  Yes, the Causeway in Gloucester is nice, and the Clams are great, and I will agree that "Woodmans: in Essex has much better atmosphere both inside and outside sitting overlooking the marshes and waterways.
                  But, when was the last time you went to Woodmans? The price of the Clam Plate has risen sharply, and the quantity has lowered too much. I don;t like a piled high plate of "French Fries" with a small quantity of Clams on top of them. At least the "Causeway" in Gloucester, although not know for its scenery still gives you a huge mound of Clams on top of a few french fries for cheaper money. And they change the cooking oil constantly. Woodmans uses the same dark oil all day.. Look next time at thier vats and u will see the cooking oil so dark and smokling..YUCK.
                  Woodmans though has the BEST Tarter sauce around..Homemade! But,they also charge you I think 25cents for one.
                  WOODMANS now has opened another restaurant in Bedford,NH. And in Adam Sandlers New Movie with a huge cast of famous people, WOODMANS is featured in the movie as the place where they all go to eat..

                  1. re: Bocajack

                    I haven't been to Woodmans in a few years, same with The Causeway. Woodman's was most definitely featured in Sandler's movie "Grown Ups". Recognized it from the very first scene they walk in. Good stuff. I head to Long Beach in Rockport every July and usually hit up The Franklin and Captain Carlo's which are both a short ride over in Gloucester and great.

            2. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

              Thanks...TARKS, in Dania Beach, serves RAW ''RAZOR CLAMS", Nothing like New England Clams. Go RED SOX

            3. I'm on the gulf coast and i have less than no idea...but every time I see the name of this thread i start to salivate. wow. fried whole belly clams. makes me wanna go HOME back up to New Yawk.

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                Randy's Fish House (of US 41, near the Ritx Carlton hotel) in Naples has the fried whole belly clams. Excellent.

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                  Manderley, on the West coast check out Crow's Nest in Venice. They fly in Ipswich clams and do them great. Lots of NEers there. We used to sail up there when we had our boat on the West Coast and eat at the bar.

                2. Usually (not always they have them at The Whale. The old owners of The Whale's Rib opened up in the Waterway Shops on Rt 441 in Parkland

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                    Thanks..I heard the "WHALES RIB" in Deerfield Beach" has or had them...Then all the staff hit the LOTTO, and the place changed??
                    Thanks for telling me about NAPLES! And I didn;t know that NEW YORK even knew about Fried Clams?

                  2. We found Kelly's 2 years ago and go up there from Miami as often as we can. They have the BEST whole fried Ipswich Clams......If you know RONNIES Clam bar in Auburn Mass, Kelly's clams are that good :) The only other place I know that has FRESH or Steamed Ipswich Clams, is the Captains Tavern in Miami. They have both a Fresh Fish Market and a Restaurant.

                    Kelly's Landing-New England
                    1305 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

                    1. Boston's on The Beach in Delray Beach has them. Does the name help help give you an idea what they're about??? ENJOY............

                      1. Always went to Tark's for clam bellies.

                        1. The New England clam chowder is awesome!!! Everything else is ok

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                          1. re: Leslie Nova

                            Yeah, OK...

                            I went to Boston's in Delray for the first time today on my way back from WPB to catch the Pats game. Lemme just say, its wicked pissah! Fried clams w/ bellies - yes please! Not the best I've had but pretty good and nice to have the option down here. Clam strips are a waste of time if you ask me... More impressive, however, were the wings. We got a Jamaican jerk style and then asked our waiter to make a batch that was as hot as they come. The jerk wings were bursting with flavor and fried crisp. At first I didn't think the hot batch was too spicy but then about 60 seconds later holy shit was my mouth on fire. Loved the spot and need to get back there for a game again!

                            1. re: Blind Mind

                              Steve, is Bostons better than Kelly's Landing?

                              1. re: dmo305

                                Not sure, never been to Kelly's Landing. Boston's were good but more like just OK. It was more about them being available for me. Their spot is pretty cool though.

                                1. re: Blind Mind

                                  I've never ordered the fried clams at Boston's but the other meals I've tried have been just okay. IMHO Boston's is more about the location but the food is decent. That said, we'll still have to try the fried clams someday because it's so close to home.

                                  The fried clams at Kelly's Landing are very good and so is the chowder. Karen is from the Boston area and these are her favorites in SoFla. We make the drive from Boca fairly regularly to satisfy her need for a fried clam fix.

                                  1. re: RickL

                                    Having ordered the clams at both places, I'd definitely give the nod to Kelly's.

                                    If you're more inclined toward comfort food and a night out with live music, Boston's is the real deal. But if you're dead-set focused on the highest quality seafood straight from the shore, I'd head to Kelly's.

                              2. re: Blind Mind

                                "BLIND MIND"...Now u sound like a true BOSTONIAN! Haven;t heard anyone use "PISSAH" in years since I left MEFFA.... Yea, been to Bostons, but not for food..I go to see the SOX wipe the Yankess. Every Spring training BOSTON on the Beach, rents a charter bus and sells tickets, for people to go to Jupiter to go see the SOX play..Great day trip, Food provided, drinks, Great time..Will try the clams..
                                Usually when I get the urge for CLAMS, I have been know to jump a JET BLUE flight to BOS< and drive north to GLOUCESTER to ESSEX St. and to a small restaurant called the Causeway in Gloucester, and there u get this over the mound of the biggest whole bellied fresh Ipswich fried clams.
                                I am thinking of opening my personal, "New England "Fried Seafood" Plates" Take Out..Somewhere directly on the beach in South Florida..Just a small spot to see if it does anything? I wonder if people would buy a huge Whole belly Fried Ipswich Clam,Scallop, Oyster, etc..Plate, with Beer Battered rings, Real fries, all for the going rate up north.? Hey its worth the try..Lots of people from New England down here, and New York!

                                  1. re: Bocajack

                                    Im from Reading. It would be wicked pissah to have a good spot in the Miami area for New England seafood. Then again, it just isn't the same outside of New England. The flavors just never seem to be duplicated properly. Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll in Delray is the closest thing to a real New England lobster roll I've ever had outside of New England. Really enjoyed it. I need to try Kelly's but so far nowhere in SoFlo does fried clams like back home.

                                    1. re: Blind Mind

                                      Hey Blind Mind..Sorry, addressed u as "Blind Man" in the previous post! Just woke up! Stupid me.

                                      Just wanted to know if u know if "KITTY'S restaurant is still on Rt 28, in Reading or North Reading,MA? They had the BEST Chic and Veal Parm on the N. Shore.

                                      1. re: Bocajack

                                        It's in North Reading and yes I believe it still stands today. That place is an institution for sure!!

                                        1. re: Blind Mind

                                          Thanks for the Info on Kitty's..If ever in BOCA, Go to Mizner Park for Dinner during a big holiday and u will run into the man from "Grown Up's".Nice guy, very private,very..

                                    2. re: Bocajack

                                      No wonder why those tickets sell out in minutes. Your team, you deserve to see them.

                                1. Drove from South Beach to Tark's in Dania for the whole belly clams. Definitely NOT worth the trip. Small, greasy (and not in a good way), not flavorful, not even fresh tasting. So disappointed. They were shucking clams for the raw bar but I think the ones they were using for frying were inferior. Next time I will drive the rest of the way to Kelly's where I hope this native Bostonian can get my fix.

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                                  1. re: ruthless2

                                    I felt the same way about Boston's in Delray. It was great that they had em but the clams were small and kinda rubbery. I'm hopeful to get to Kelly's someday where I hear they are fantastic

                                    1. re: Blind Mind

                                      Finally made it to Kelly's Landing this weekend where we gorged ourselves on all the specialties we could eat: Steamers, fried whole belly clams, thin crispy onion rings, N.E. clam chowder and an oyster po' boy. We were unable to eat any more or would have tried the Boston baked beans and a lobster roll. They also had some great, cheap brunch menu items but we were there for the clams. It does seem like the real deal, our waitress was from Boston as was the current owner of 25 years who was hanging out at the bar talking with the previous owner who used to be a fireman in Brighton. All the items were very good and not expensive. They let you order clams by the side, pint or quart if you don't want french fries etc. It is a very casual atmosphere, like a sports bar or coffee shop, on side street 17th St Cswy, not on the water. Lots of draft and craft beers also. Go.

                                  2. This poor sheltered Miami girl wants to know what a whole belly clam is. I've had steamed ipswich, steamed and raw cherrystones, and many years ago my mom would take me to HoJo's for fried clam strips.

                                    What's this "whole belly" thing you're talking about?

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                                    1. re: OysterHo

                                      There are two parts to clams–the “muscle part” and the “soft everything else part.” The “soft everything else part” is what is called the belly. When you have fried clams with belly, you are eating the whole clam. Soft shelled clams or steamers are the clams that are most often used. They are also called longneck clams or Ipswich clams. These clams spend most of their life chilling out in the mudflats of New England, filtering water for tasty bits of food. Anyhow, the belly is where all the magic happens for the clam, and where all the flavor is. When you just get the strips, you miss all this goodness

                                        1. re: Alfred G

                                          "Clam Strips" are like eating "Rubber Bands".A waste of money. The bigger the "Belly" of the Ipswich Clam, the tastier the clam. Some say that the Liver of the Clam, I think thats the Waste?Who knows the truth? No matter what it is called, that makes the clam, well that and a good tarter sauce

                                      1. Wow! I am completely amazed with the responses I have received since my original post in 2008. I found a place close to my current residence in Palm Beach Gardens named Lola's and I am so disappointed. Small portions, over priced and the oil they fry in is not fresh. The clams are small. (I prefer a clam with a full belly). Service is horrible even when they have few patrons in the restaurant. I was recently in my home state of Connecticut. Lennie's in Branford, Jimmie's in West Haven and Glen Wood in Hamden are by far the best in New England....

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                                          Im going to respectfully say that in no way are fried clams better in CT than they are in MA or ME.