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Jul 1, 2008 02:37 PM

Grass Fed Beef-Phx

I mentioned it at the bottom of another thread, but thought it warranted a new topic...I've been very pleased with the grass fed beef from San Rafael Valley Beef. I've been reading a lot about the health benefits and the more I read, it seems like a no brainer to choose grass fed over supermarket beef. Has anyone else had success finding great grass fed beef in the Phx area?

San Rafael delivers to the Phx area twice a month or so which is great for me, and incidentally, they will be delivering in a couple weeks. If anyone wants to try them out and split the delivery charge with me, my email's on my profile, let me know!

San Rafael Valley Beef

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  1. Search this board for grass, and you'll get a manageable number of hits.

    1. While I'm not a convert to grass-fed beef (If I raised my own, I'd finish 'em on barley), there are a number of other beef producers here in Az that you might want to try.

      Check out the Az Farm Bureau's 'Fill Your Plate'

      1. I've had excellent experiences with the Double-Check Ranch folks. I've bought several of their CSA shares, and all have been excellent beef.

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          I tried some of their beef at one of the Tucson Farmer's Market's last year and thought the taste was excellent. I've toyed with ordering from them since they will cover the Phoenix area but we don't eat a lot of beef and I don't have tons of freezer space so I haven't done it yet.

          I don't know if she has it anymore but I also bought some grass fed beef from Maya at the Phx Farmer's Market last year....I think I got some skirt steak and some ground beef if I remember correctly. It wasn't bad...I think it was New Mexico beef but processed in Texas so not sure who her supplier is.

          Between the two though both my husband and I preferred the taste of the Double Check offerings.

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            Ziggylu: The good folks at Double Check Ranch are offering by the cut beef now, as well as CSA shares. I've moved out of Arizona now (up to Seattle, as of a couple weeks ago), but when I visit, I plan to get a couple of nice steaks from them at the farmers market, to grill up with friends and family.

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              Thanks for the info, Booklegger. I'll take a look at it as well as the info hohokam posted below.

              Hope you're happy in your move. We came here from there(Kirkland actually) and miss it, especially this time of year!

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                My reading of the Double Check site led me to believe that they only sold cut beef at markets in southern AZ. I'll...uh...double-check that to see if maybe I missed something. ;-)

          2. I replied in the earlier thread, but seeing as how this one has been bumped, I'll pitch in my 2 cents here too. I've had good luck with meat I've bought from A Bar H.

            As you pointed out in the earlier thread, A Bar H is more expensive pound-for-pound than a place like OX. But a key difference is that A Bar H will let you structure your order according to the cuts you want to purchase rather than locking you into only the cuts that come from your share of a whole animal. If buying a share was my only option (and if I had adequate freezer space), I would pursue that. But A Bar H allows for choices in terms of which cuts I get and doesn't require that I take possession of 100+ lbs of meat at a time.

            Another thing I like about A Bar H is that I can order pasture-raised poultry and lamb from them at the same time as I order my beef. To top it off, Anya and Josh are just darn nice people. :-)


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              another vote of confidence for Anya.... what a lovely company.