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La Mar Cebicheria Peruana -- coming to the Embarcadero?

Still catching my breath from reading abou this supposedly under-construction-now monster 11,000 square foot ceviche palace in San Francisco. Can anyone shed any light?

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  1. One of the best chef in Peru, excessive $ investment, opening at Pier 1. Projected opening- Mid August. Can't wait!

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      I walk/run by the location almost daily. There will be a great outdoor area, but there is NO WAY they open in August. I would be shocked if they can do it by the end of September.

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        Thanks to both of you -- not sure how I missed that thread only a week ago as I read the SF Bay board quite carefully. I think I'm going to blame it on the CH technical problems rather than my own misreading ;-). But I still can't believe how big this place is going to be -- bigger than my house!

      2. Hope they actually name it, "El Mar Cevicheria Peruana" or "La Cevicheria del Mar Peruano" or La Cevicheria Peruano del Mar", but not, "La Mar Cebicheria Peruana".

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              And it won't be the first time that the name is used in one of Gaston Acurio's restaurants:


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              FYI...The La Mar names comes from the first La Mar restaurant opened in Lima, Peru, the street name where the first restaurant is located is "La Mar". I've tried the food at threee other restaurants owned by Gaston and all I have to say is "DELICIOUS"!!

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                The name La Mar reflects the name of the street that it is located on in Lima, Peru and not the sea, per se. The location, Avenida La Mar, in Mira Flores is the location of the original restaurant hence the confusion associated with the name.

              2. The space is in an old pier building and there will be a separate pisco bar area and perhaps some outdoor seating. I peeked in a few days ago and they had barely begun to finish the interior, so I couldn't picture the layout. But only 11,000 SF? Pikers!


                1. I was just in Lima, Peru and ate at La Mar. The place is amazing!! It's a very high energy/ trendy place. They're going to staff the new San Francisco location with employees from the Lima location. They also have a cebicheria in Buenos Aires. I wish they would open one in my hometown (atlanta)!!!!!

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                    Seems unlikely they could get visas for many of their Lima staff.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Oh yes they can....it's who you know and how the system works that counts...

                  2. So has anyone reviewed it yet? We went last night and I will do it, but if Chowhound had decent search maybe I could find an existing review to respond to.

                    La Mar Cebicheria Peruana
                    Pier 1 1/2, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111

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                      Haven't seen one. If there was, the thread would probably be picked up in the places listing. Anyway, the more reviews the merrier -- I want to read your POV!

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Stopped in last night. Very big space. Dining Room, Ceviche Bar in a separate room and a cocktail lounge in the front. Ordered three dishes including the ceviche sampler (two asian inspired ceviches, one mixto and one classico). The asian inspired had rice wine and/or soy in the presentation and were my least favorite, but the classico and mixto were good. One had a creamy aji amarillo the other just traditional marinade. Mixto had squid, classico just halibut. All in all, not a bad ceviche. Smaller portion size but this was due to the sampler order. I can tell you right now, however, that when Limon is on its best game the rocoto and aji amarillo ceviches there are better. The other dish I orderd was Lomo Saltado, which was beef tenderloin, onion and french fries. Not bad, not stunning and was $23 dollars I believe. The room was loud and the service very uneven. Hard tables, paper place mats and high ceilings. Certainly not peruvian food on "white table clothes" as portrayed. The menu is very extensive with a grilled octupus skewer and many, many other items that I will go back and try. In sum, good food, typical lackluster service and loud space (pretty much like every new restaurant that opens in this City).

                        1. re: grubber4

                          LOL. I won't ding them for service this early in the game. Any sense that the paper placemats might just be a stopgap until they get the linen situation sorted out? 'Cause $23 entrees on paper placemats doesn't sit right with me.

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                            We ate there Monday night (9/29). I agree with the comment about service issues -- our waiter was clearly overwhelmed (the place was packed) and also that one needs to be gentle in the first couple weeks.

                            I disagree with almost everything else in grubber4's post. I had the parihueala soup -- it was amazing. The mussels were the best I have ever had in my life. I forget my BF's appetizer, but he had the lomo saltado and loved it. I had two specials from the cebicheria, sorry I didn't write down the details but they were fantastic - one was like a sashimi with different fishes/seafood, the other a ceviche with spicey "leche de tigre". I haven't been to Limon in years but enjoyed this much better. The space is great although noisy.

                            1. re: goingoutagain

                              what, precisely, do you disagree with then? You haven't been to Limon in years, I said the Lomo Saltado was not stunning but not bad, I didn't have the mussels and you couldn't remmeber what ceviche you ate. And, you totally agree that it was noisy.

                              1. re: grubber4

                                Disagreed with you on
                                - the Lomo Saltado,
                                - the ambience ("Certainly not peruvian food on "white table clothes" as portrayed." - I thought it was very high end, quibbling about cloth aside)
                                -your summary ("In sum, good food, typical lackluster service and loud space (pretty much like every new restaurant that opens in this City" - I thought the food was better/more unusual than most, silly to rate service in the first week as Ruth Lafler noted, and in general a much more exciting new restaurant than you credited.)

                                1. re: goingoutagain

                                  I will definitely go back as I stated. As for service being a little rough, I do discount it for the 1st week that's why I am going back. The Chronicle had this to say just yesterday: "Acurio has been credited with elevating Peruvian food to white-tablecloth status." I just thought it was ironic that they used paper place mats. It was loud. I look forward to eating my way around the menu despite these shortcomings. Which is a lot more than i can say about many other restaurants in this city.

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                          Went on Wednesday. I would have posted my review here, but alas the search errors...