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Jul 1, 2008 01:41 PM

Saratoga Steak

Going out Friday July 25th. Is Doc's the only game in town?

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      1. re: jaylhorner

        Any preference to any of these? Note: we will be celebrating my friend's 40th birthday, party of 5 or 6.

        1. re: esyle

          Look on line at Saratoga National (upscale) for menu. It will probably cost roughly $75 per person.
          Cliffs is several notches down in another league.
          Neither are in town. I personally do not care for Doc's.
          Saratoga Prime is not quite Peter Luger, but does a very nice job and is similiarly priced.

          1. re: esyle

            Don't forget Lillian's that still does a fine steak and it is downtown. I have had a GREAT gorgonzola filet at Chianti, now in their new location on division st, again downtown in the thick of things. I have also had a good steak at springwater bistro out on union ave across from the track and the wishing well out on 9N although this is kind of an old school resto.

            1. re: jspear

              Springwater and Chianti are two restaurants I like a lot, but there are many other options on their menu that I never think of them as a place for steak.

              1. re: jaylhorner

                Absolutely, especially the fillet at Chianti, they have two regulars, one with peppercorn, the other with gorgonzola, both great....

                1. re: jspear

                  We ended up at Doc's and eveyone enjoyed it. I had the house cut porterhouse and it was cooked perfectly. Everyone was happy w/their steak choice, a few people choosing the surf and turf (the king crab legs were a big hit and delicious). I didn't love the sides (the creamed spinach wasn't very appetizing, sort of just spinach floating in a diluted cream sauce, the garlic spinach seemed ok). Service was attentive except it seemed a bit stressed, like they needed some help bussing the tables (we had to stack up our own app dishes and they remained for a while after our entrees arrived). But all in all I was pretty impressed w/the food and atmosphere for a busy Saturday night. I'd recommend it.