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Thai Fruit Carving

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Does anyone know anyone who can do thai fruit carvings?

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  1. contact the embassy's chef.

    1. meechi, whatever happened? were you successful?

        1. Sorry if this is a double or triple repost but either my browsers (Firefox, IE and Safari) are wonky or this forum is just not refreshing for me.

          Anyhoo, my GF (who is Thai) does fruit carving as a hobby, what question did you have - I can certainly ask her about it for you.

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            I was looking for someone who could make a thai carved fruit display for my wedding next year. I havent had a chance to call the embassy yet. Thanks for the help!

            1. re: Meechi

              The thing that is important to know about Thai fruit carving vs. regular fruit carving is that;

              1) The Thai version focuses on intricate details on each and every small piece, (and usually only fruit, not the vegetables, etc that other carvers do) so its usually better for smaller scale displays that are more ornate and not large displays which would take up too much time / $$$ relative to a regular fruit / vegetable carver.

              2) The Embassy doesn't have a "Chef" per se. The Ambassasdor usually has a Chef / cook on his private staff but they are transferred at the same time he is.

              Currently, Thailand doesn't have an Ambassador (he was transferred back recently), the DCM (Deputy Chief of Mission) is the acting Ambassador.

              The Embassy sub-contracts to caterers much like any other place does (choosing specialists that meet the needs of the occasion).

              Just an FYI.

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                good to know, chew! maybe meechi will check out your gf's portfolio.....