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Jul 1, 2008 01:07 PM

Fish Tacos in williamsburg/greenpoint/bushwick area?

Anyone know where I can find some good ones?

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  1. elote on union in williamsburg has good ones. they are light and delicious.

    1. haven't had a great one in the nabe yet, but...

      bonita (bedford @ s. 3rd) has tasty simple ones.

      carmaya (n 6th btwn bedford and driggs) has something they call a fish taco but it's more of a fish burrito. tasty but pricey.

      endless summer truck (usually parked on bedford and n.4th is on weekends) has cheaper variety that are only so so.

      san loco (n. 4th btwm bedford and driggs) has em... but, well, it's san loco... barely recognizable as fish.

      1. Papacito's - the new place on Huron in Greenpoint has some pretty good fish tacos. Enid's has a fried version that is sometimes good, mostly not so great.