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Fish Tacos in williamsburg/greenpoint/bushwick area?

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Anyone know where I can find some good ones?

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  1. I've enjoyed the fish tacos at Bonita on Bedford Ave (their mexican corn is good, too), and Yola's on Metropolitan Ave (near the Lorimer stop) also serves up a good one.

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    1. re: delikado

      Is the fish grilled or fried? I'm looking for the latter. Thanks!

      1. re: davisready

        Fried, most definitely!

    2. Look, Taco Chula, say what you will about them, but they make a damn fine fish taco.

      1. i think i had some at that cutesy surf shack joint on n6th st once, not sure, but it would seem an obvious choice to try. do report back!

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        1. re: mrnyc

          Hurricane Hopeful? Is that place still around? I always liked them but they were never busy...although I haven't been there in several years so things may have changed.