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Jul 1, 2008 01:02 PM

The Riverway on Cape Cod

Does the Riverway still exist? That was one of my first vacation restaurants as a little girl. My parents had lobster, my grandmother had scallops, and I remember eating...their salad dressing. And oyster crackers. That being said, it's a really nice memory.

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  1. Oh wow! This is one of MY first vacation restaurants as a little boy! My parents always ordered lobster as well, and I always had the stuffed sole with Newburg sauce. We're going back 30 years ago...and I don't think I ever had Newburg sauce as good as theirs since! It was a "must" for every vacationer back then.

    I think the restaurant is till operating. A friend of mine went last Summer and said the food was still good, but the place needed a major renovation.

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    1. re: OOliver

      OOliver! How come you got stuffed sole with Newburg sauce and I got salad dressing?!!? I think my first visit there was around 1965. (Getting older by the minute, here!) Do you remember the town?

      1. re: trufflehound

        LOL! I got stuffed sole with Newburg sauce 'cause my parents new how to order for me! (I remember they had delicious mashed potatoes as well). I was around 12 or 13 when we first went (1976-77?).

        WHERE: I believe it's in Hyannis, South Yarmouth or Yarmouth because we stayed nearby at the Red Jacket Hotel. It's in that vicinity.

        1. re: OOliver

          South Yarmouth it is. There's a picture of it on the Yarmouth Cape Cod Dining and Restaurant page-I just Googled it. It looks EXACTLY the same. I'm going to think abour sole Newburg all night.

          1. re: rosieg

            Yes, it's still in South Yarmouth, near the Bass River bridge on 28. It was purchased by new owners 2-3 years ago and word is, they did quite a bit of interior renovations in addition to putting in a brick oven. Food has been described as "pretty good!". I've been meaning to try it...I'll report when I do.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Thank you-I will look forward to that, CapeCodGuy. I have been assured by a horrifed relative that I was actually served sole, which is funny in light of OOliver. But it seems the salad dressing is what remains graven on my soul.

      2. Wow! What a flock of memories!! My family vacationed on the Cape for 2 weeks every summer now going back 50 some odd years. I remember that visits to the Riverway were a high point of our stay there. Went back there a few years ago trying to book some Murder Mystery Theater dates and was shocked at how shabby the place had become. Makes me happy to hear that there are new owners trying to bring the old place back. I still get out to the Cape every now and then - maybe I'll give it a try.

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          Isn't it something that the Riverway has been going for that long? With all the changes in the world, I love the thought of a place special in many of our memories is still there and trying to make people happy.

          1. re: rosieg

            I agree rosieq. I guess it's become one of those 'comfort places' for many repeat travellers to the Cape.

        2. I had a meal at the Riverway last summer and it was some of the freshest fish I've ever tasted. Decor was old but service was excellent and old school. Wish it were more recent but I'm sure I'll go back.