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Jul 1, 2008 12:59 PM

Best Street Carts in Soho?

I work in Soho and am curious if people have any good recommendations for street cart eating. I've been to the Calexico cart(really good burritos) and am looking for some others. Thanks

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  1. Calexico is very good indeed. Not in Soho, but close by, Dosa man on Washington Sq Park south makes great dosas.

    1. The Halal carts aren't too good. I've been to 3 and none were great. Out of the 3 I went to, the one on Spring St. and Broadway was the best out of the 3 for a chicken in pita sandwich.

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        I just tried the Halal cart on Houston and Lafayette near the subway. Out of them all, I think I like this one the best. The white sauce had a hint of a mayoy sweetness to it, which I liked, and the chicken wasn't overly spiced with cumin, more of a tandoori style. Not the greatest sandwich, but for a 4.00 lunch it's good enough. Also - not too far, and not a cart is FuKee aka M&B on Lafayette, North of Canal. I go there for a quick inexpensive roast duck, or soy sauce chicken over rice.