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Jul 1, 2008 12:36 PM

wedding planning? need ideas for catering!

I just got engaged and thought I would check here first for ideas about venues with good food or options for great caterers in the Boston area. I'm a vegetarian so it is important that they can provide creative (read: NOT eggplant parmesan or stir fry) veg entrees but also food to satisfy the carnivores. Also, organic/seasonal minded caterers are preferred. Any tips are great!!!

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  1. I was at a wedding at the French Library in Back Bay years ago, it was very nice and the food very good as I recall. I just heard this weekend of a place in Beacon Hill called the Hampshire House -- seems to do a good business in weddings, it's in a townhouse overlooking the Public Garden, but I haven't been able to find anything on Chowhound about the food.

    There have been other threads here on weddings with more and better options than I can suggest.

    1. few venues that would might work with music luckys lounge, or maybe behive

      1. First of all, congrats!

        As for locations, the Gamble Mansion is actually a great deal for a beautiful setting for a wedding. I know that the building was recently sold, so I'm not sure how long they're accepting new events, but it's definitely worth checking out. You can find the information at http://www.gamblemansion.org/gamblefr....

        If you do decide to go with the Gamble, or with many other locations for that matter, I would highly recommend The Catered Affair as your caterer. Having worked in events in a couple of different locations, I have been most impressed by the consistency and level or service provided by TCA. They'll take great care of you!

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          Agreed-- Catered Affair is not cheap, but they did our wedding and it was spectacular; very flexible, they can do anything. Holly, the owner, really "gets it" and knows how to work with her customers. They set up a travelling kitchen in a garage and can work around most conditions gracefully, including the torrential rain we had that day.

        2. I'm sure they're not cheap, but I got an email yesterday telling me that Lumiere in Newton is now catering as well. They do a great job with local/seasonal produce and even have a vegetarian dinner event on September 8th so you can see what they're all about. I feel certain their veg entrees will go WAY beyond stir fry.


          1. I recommend Cuisine Chez Vous wholeheartedly. I have worked with them on various events (through my job), and they are fabulous. We did one event with them where they made sure that I got enough to eat, even as I was running around like a crazy person manning the event... and if there are problems, you'll never know because they handle them so discreetly ansd seamlessly. A really warm, professional, and fun-to-work-with operation.