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Del Friscos, Ruth's Chris or Shula's ORLANDO?

Im trying to decide which steak house to venture out to. In Orlando I have only been to Kres and Sam Seltzers. Which do most chowhounds like out of the three? I'm a porterhouse/t-bone kinda guy , I'm leaning towards Del Friscos.

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  1. You'll start quite the debate with that question! Most chowhounders prefer Del Frisco's. I find their service curt and my last meal there was awful--but I am quite the exception. There are three Ruth's Chris here; I'd avoid the Sand Lake Road one if possible because it gets a lot of tourists. You didn't mention Fleming's or Capital Grill, which I prefer to all your options. Would you consider those?

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      Haha, ya I am new here (chowhound) so I havent seen the great debates but after reading reviews online for all three its easy to say "it is debateable". I have only been on Capitol Grills and Flemings websites nothing more than that. I wouldn't rule them out (how can you rule food out?) but in the Orlando area when I think of steak those 3 places come to mind.

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        Of the three I'd pick Del Frisco's but I personally favor The Palm in Orlando (at The Hard Rock).

    2. I'm a huge Del Frisco's advocate. Love it, recommend it very highly. All the sides are great, beyond the amazing steaks.

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        does del friscos bring an assortment of cuts out and allow you to choose which one you would like... (for marbling?)

      2. I don';t think Shula's serves prime beef, at any rate it should be third on your list; Ruth's Chris is usually pretty good, but having eaten at all three, I would put Del Frisco by far the best. that being said, Cap Grille would be my second choice.

        1. I agree, Del Frisco's is #1, with Capitol Grill coming in second (although contrary to what many people think, they don't serve Prime beef; just aged choice).

          And Ruth Chris is okay, but nothing that special. I'd rather do Flemings then Ruth Chris.

          1. Last trip to Del Frisco's was dreadful. Wouldn't go back there to get a free meal.
            Ruth's Chris is solid and someone recommended Capital Grille, which I'd sedond.

            1. of those three, it would be del frisco's, but i have not been to the orlando del frisco;s i a couple of years although i was just at the manhattan one a couple of weeks ago which is my favorite (and that includes Peter Luger's and all other NYC steakhouses). that being said, my next choice would be The Palm, but again, that is from my NYC experiences as i have never been to the orlando location - also, if you like lobster, the palm has a lobster special during the summer for 2 a 5 lb lobster, 2 salads, 2 sides for $125 (i think, but not sure of the price) and it is a great deal!

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                As a footnote to the postings on Del Frisco: The one is Orlando is the only one of the chain not owned corporately. It was originally a franchise and is somehow grandfathered into the corporate structure. They serve prime beef, but it is wet aged. Capitol Grille, as corporate40 pointed out, does serve choice beef, but some of it is dry aged.

              2. does del friscos bring an assortment of cuts to your table and allow you to pick which cut you want? (for marbling)

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                  They definitely don't bring cuts out to you. I've never heard of any steakhouses that do this. But the waiters are very knowledgeable and attentive without doing that obsequious hovering you get in snooty five-star restaurants, and they can tell you anything you want to know.

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                    Morton's brings out a tray of various cuts as well as samples of the vegetables and fish for the day.

                2. One more point in favor of Del Frisco's: the mandarin orange cake, perhaps my favorite dessert ANYWHERE.

                  1. Ruth's Chris - average food, good service.
                    Del Frisco's - good food, but horrendous service when we were there.
                    Shula's - haven't tried and I'm not sure it belongs on this list.

                    I recommend Charley's Steakhouse. The steak is the best in the area.

                    1. I am new here....but had to chime in on this topic. I have eaten at all three in the Orlando area...and although you will get a good steak at all three of these.... I think you should consider Flemings also. I have had my best all-around experience there...and the best steak ever! Had the ribeye...fabulous. My second choice would be Del Frisco's... Not a fan of Capital Grille... I might also consider La Cantina...

                      Hope this helps.

                      1. alright so ive narrowed it down to 2 places.... del friscos and capitol grill... im leaning towards del friscos.. any final thoughts

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                          I like Capital Grille better because the service is 1000 times better.But, Del Frisco's is a more true Orlando experience.

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                            ? if it's about the BEEF,Del Friscos has the edge maybe.Also,not 100% on
                            this but Fleming's and Del Frisco's are the same corporate umbrella.
                            ? try for good phone,compare wine list.In my travels I find that is a stand out
                            difference between the two.
                            Shame about the service issue in your area,they do buy the beef.

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                              Felming's is the upscale shop of the now private Outback Steakhouse chain, while Del Frisco is part of the now private LoneStar chain. Fleming's, while good, and with a nice wine by the glass selection, is not quite up to the Del in my opinion.....the Steakman

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                                We will be in Orlando next month. Would you pick Del Frisco over Charley's?

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                                  By all means...charley's is several rungs below DF

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                                    Thank you. Now I have to figure out how to break the news to my husband. ;-O

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                                      Capital Grille!!!

                                      I have been to Del Friscos many times -- and know that the business has been handed over, it just isn't as good. I am SAD! It used to be my favorite steak place.

                                      Flemings was horrible -- not a big fan. Ruth Chris was okay, but it is just doesn't have the right feel for me -- everytime I have been there it was too "business-y" for me.

                                      Captal Grille is SO worth it -- it isn't cheap, but if you want the best, go there.

                                2. re: steakman55

                                  Still agree Del Frisco's a cut above with the beef.

                                  Thanks with corporate info,now I know why all the slick ads vanished.

                                  Are they still getting their meat from Allen Brothers or better,just curious?

                                  1. re: lcool

                                    I was on a bachelor party this weekend, and was acutally quite impressed with Rachels steaks out by the airport. Obviously not a family place but i would put it just behind Delfriscos and Capital Grille.