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Jul 1, 2008 12:21 PM

Del Friscos, Ruth's Chris or Shula's ORLANDO?

Im trying to decide which steak house to venture out to. In Orlando I have only been to Kres and Sam Seltzers. Which do most chowhounds like out of the three? I'm a porterhouse/t-bone kinda guy , I'm leaning towards Del Friscos.

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  1. You'll start quite the debate with that question! Most chowhounders prefer Del Frisco's. I find their service curt and my last meal there was awful--but I am quite the exception. There are three Ruth's Chris here; I'd avoid the Sand Lake Road one if possible because it gets a lot of tourists. You didn't mention Fleming's or Capital Grill, which I prefer to all your options. Would you consider those?

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      Haha, ya I am new here (chowhound) so I havent seen the great debates but after reading reviews online for all three its easy to say "it is debateable". I have only been on Capitol Grills and Flemings websites nothing more than that. I wouldn't rule them out (how can you rule food out?) but in the Orlando area when I think of steak those 3 places come to mind.

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        Of the three I'd pick Del Frisco's but I personally favor The Palm in Orlando (at The Hard Rock).

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      1. I'm a huge Del Frisco's advocate. Love it, recommend it very highly. All the sides are great, beyond the amazing steaks.

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          does del friscos bring an assortment of cuts out and allow you to choose which one you would like... (for marbling?)

        2. I don';t think Shula's serves prime beef, at any rate it should be third on your list; Ruth's Chris is usually pretty good, but having eaten at all three, I would put Del Frisco by far the best. that being said, Cap Grille would be my second choice.

          1. I agree, Del Frisco's is #1, with Capitol Grill coming in second (although contrary to what many people think, they don't serve Prime beef; just aged choice).

            And Ruth Chris is okay, but nothing that special. I'd rather do Flemings then Ruth Chris.