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Jul 1, 2008 12:10 PM

Folly Beach (SC) food questions

We'll be vacationing in August here w/ 2 young (10 yr old) boys. What are our options as far as buying groceries close by, farmers markets, places to eat out at night?

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  1. Hey Leah - are you opposed to going into downtown? Folly is the closest beach to downtown, and I always just drive in at night. Maybe 20 minutes. Al di La (great italian) is in West Ashley, and even a bit closer than downtown. There's a farmers market in Calhoun Sq on Sat morning. I usually buy seafood at Crosby's right on the docks at Folly.

    have fun!

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    1. re: danna

      hey Danna...we'll probably go in to Chas at least one night. Otherwise would like to stay fairly close and casual - but good.

      1. re: leahinsc

        please post reviews when you come back...I usually stay on Folly (although I did IOP this year because I got 30% off...and I've got a 1/2 price reservation at Tribeca Grand next month..."economic downturn" apparently.) Anyhow, I've never had much luck finding anything w/ consistently good reviews on Folly. Like you, i think it would be great to just hang out on the island sometimes.

        1. re: danna

          what's going on w/ Bowen's Island? Isn't that the name of that place that burned down? Is it all just fried food? There used to be a good Thai or Sushi place up on James Is close to Charleston....

          1. re: leahinsc

            I have never made it to Bowen's Island because I don't care to eat raw oysters in the summer, and I never go to Folly in the winter. I understand that Bowen's Island is back in business, i'm sure someone will clue you in.

            1. re: danna

              Bowen's Island doesn't serve raw oysters. And it's been in business again for years now. Very nice place to spend an early evening.

              1. re: uptown jimmy

                well, hell! all these years I've been thinking what an idiot I was not to go there for oysters! what kind of oysters DO they serve?

                1. re: danna

                  They serve steamed oysters, and they are really good, but they are still only served in "R" months. In fact, my bf who doesn't like oysters became a convert because of this place.

            2. re: leahinsc

              BI is up and running. It is a great place to get fried seafood, but they also serve frogmore stew and shrimp & grits. My suggestion is to get there to watch the sunset, grab a beer and enjoy the food. Just know you are also welcome to sit on their dock, and you might want to bring your own bug spray.

              I also wanted to answer some of your other questions as well....I suggest the farmers market in downtown Chas. I think it is from 8-2, and I believe it is also the closest one to you. There are a couple of produce stands off Folly, including one next to Crosby's seafood. The closest grocery store to FB is the Piggly Wiggly, but I think it is overpriced & caters to tourists. You might want to try the Harris Teeter on Folly right by 30, next to Whole Foods it is probably the best grocery store in town.

              I think for places to eat out, you might like Taco Boy on Folly, and the above mentioned Bowen's Island. I haven't eaten anywhere else on FB so I can't help you for places on the island itself, but I think it is worth the drive into downtown.

      2. There's a great Piggly Wiggly on Folly Beach--you'll see it driving in (can't miss it!) on the right side of Folly Road.
        I don't eat on Folly Beach often, but I have been to Taco Boy and it's good. Also lots of outside seating, which is key to me. The Lost Dog Cafe is great for lunch/brunch.

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        1. re: chasfoodie

          I second Taco Boy. Great Tex-Mex.

          1. re: tennreb

            has anyone been to the breakfast place on Folly Rd? Don't recall the name but we passed by it heading away from Folly - it's on the left- on a Sunday a.m and the parking lot was packed. Is it because it's good or there's nothing else around?

            1. re: leahinsc

              I think you are thinking of Sweetwater Cafe, and I would skip it if I were you. It used to be much better than it is now, I've heard good things about Daily Dose close to the Bi-Lo on Folly and Three Little Birds Cafe in West Ashley behind the Earth Fare off Folly.

        2. We just got back from Folly on Monday and here's our scoop: we like hanging out on Folly itself because there are quite a few places that are fun and funky. Taco Boy is a favorite, but can be packed during the tourist season - try it in the off hours. We had some good snacks at the Surf Bar - kind of an indoor-outdoor place with surf-tv (fun viewing for the boys), cheap, cheap breakfast at Planet Follywood - pretty divey but kind of a tradition with us. Lost Dog is a great place for breakfast or lunch. A few places on Folly Rd. are fun. Pizza at Andolini's for sure. (on the right coming from the connector to Folly). Also on the right is the Sweetwater Cafe, not a bad place for breakfast. Our group all went when we left on Monday and enjoyed it. It's not mind-blowing award-winning food, but it's good. Some of our friends went to the Thai place on Folly Rd. and really liked it. I second the Daily Dose recommendation - it's a little hard to find right away, but it's near the Blockbuster on Folly Rd., just back from the road some. It's a real hippy-dippy place with excellent wraps. Lots of Bob Marley art on the wall. The kids in our group (14-year-olds) insist on going. Right across from Daily Dose is a cafe called "Kronic" which is very nice and has free internet. Bowen's Island is currently being rebuilt from the fire, but has a temporary set-up. They are rebuilding according to green standards, which makes me want to support them even more. I didn't make it there this time, but friends of ours went and had fun. It's a great place to go and watch the sunset.
          If you want to go a bit farther afield, but not into Charleston, head over to Maybank Highway. There is an art theater (Terrace) we always go to there. Next to the theater is a new place called Le Cafe Fez which is run by the Taco Boy group (or so I've heard), but they were closed last week because of air con issues. We ended up going to El Bohio - the Cuban place across the street (next to the Pour House) and it ended up being good and good for kids. The guy that took us on our kayak tour of Folly River only ever goes to two places: Lost Dog and El Bohio. If you want to go kayaking with the boys, check out Lance is super nice and has double kayaks. We didn't eat in Charleston this time, but we did go get some seriously delicious gelato at Modica on George St. across from the Sottile Theater (right off King). If you like a good cappucino, this is the place to get it. Have a good time and report back!