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Jul 1, 2008 12:03 PM

Pour House (Dupont/St George) cans old faves

Distressed to go to my fave pub today and find that, after a visit to the US, the owners have ditched some old faves in favour of "healthier eating." I have no objection to their adding dishes, but people go to a pub for good grub, broadly defined. At least the following specialty dishes have been removed:

a) irish spuds - fries smothered in bacon and cheese, just the right thing to soak up the beers or other libations

b) the stilton and steak salad, unrivalled in the city

c) the club sandwich - seems a no-brainer

Have others noticed additional items xnayed ? How do we go about reversing these ill-conceived decisions ?

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  1. "Everything changes, nothing remains without change. Nothing is permanent."
    - Buddha Gautama Siddharta

    I think there are one or two other places you can get a club sandwich or potatoes with cheese in this city. Aside from being "healthy" are the replacement dishes any good?

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    1. re: Gary

      I want to know what they've replaced them with too. Fried spuds with cheese are the only way to wash down a brew.

    2. I loved both the fries and that steak and stilton salad! I always used to tell myself the salad was a healthier choice ;)

      the club was forgettable - so what are they offering instead?

      1. Does that mean no more fry-up breakfast?