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Jul 1, 2008 12:02 PM

Serviceable Chinese Delivery in Sherman Oaks/Encino

I know this where I live -- Ventura/Sepulveda -- is a wasteland for decent Chinese food. The best Chinese restaurant in the vicinity is Sam Woo on Sepulveda, but it does not deliver. However, I'm not looking for much. Sometimes I get a craving for the Americanized Chinese food that I grew up on (the long-gone China Inn in Encino was out go-to restaurant), so is there any place that can deliver food that is relatively edible? I'm thinking I could really use a place that can deliver a tasty hot and sour soup, pan fried dumplings and maybe kung pao chicken or mongolian beef.

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  1. hong Kong 88 and Sushi on Sepulveda next to Zankou, great egg foo young, and lots of amazing dishes. my husband adores the honey walnut chicken. They deliver, all the dishes you ask are on the menu!

    On Burbank near Kester is something or other Forest, but I like 88 better

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      Second HK88. Also try Kung Pao Bistro they deliver and their food is good and the delivery containers are awesome reusable plastic tupperware like stuff.

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        Bamboo Cuisine on Ventura near Hazeltine is a little pricier than Hong Kong 88, but worth it depending on what you order. Bamboo's kung pao, as an example, is much better. HK88 does a better old fashioned fried rice.

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          My favorite for a delivery in this area is GOLDEN CHOPSTICKS, very good Chinese for a delivery, near Sepulveda & Ventura Blvd, give it a try.

    2. Bamboo Forest on Burbank, just east of Kester. Very tasty and fresh food. All white meat chicken (VERY tender) dishes, including the BEST orange chicken I've ever had.

      Also try their Mu Shu (any variety), anything in their yummy hot, schezuan (sp?) garlic sauce, the sweet and pungent shrimp, garlic eggplant and braised string beans. Actually, everything I've had there has been good.

      Ask for George, he'll take good care of you, tell him Greg sent you!

      BTW, they are closed for July 4th every year from around July 1st to July 5th or so.

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        I'll agree with Bamboo Forest, it's tasty and good if you're looking for that kind of "Americanized" chinese food (sometimes I am, and that's my go-to place). I love their Mu Shu Pork, but everything I've had their has been delicious. Be careful not to mix it up with the nearby, similarly named Bamboo Village, which is not nearly as good (in my opinion).