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Jul 1, 2008 11:37 AM

NOCA (phx) opening this week

Seftel reporting:

The staff look amazing. I'm so psyched for this. I'm expecting it to rock as it's driven by one of us local food obsessed folk - not just another outpost of one of the local restaurant czars or an absent celeb chef.

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  1. you aren't kidding...noca will be fabulous, i'm sure of it :)

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    1. re: winedubar

      Im am psyched as well I basically live across the street.

    2. FYI- I wanted to go this week and Elliot called me back to say they are not going to be open untill next week. I'll be out of town, so they'll have to work the bugs out on someone else.

      1. Do they have a liquor license yet?

        Can we byob?????

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        1. re: duck833

          There is a liquor license and unfortunately due to the Arizona law that changed in 1996 regarding BYOB as you probably know with a license there can be no BYOB.

        2. Sounds great. I never had the opportunity to try Circa 1900 when it was running, but have heard nothing but good things. Looks like I'll get a second chance to sample his cooking.

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          1. re: crsin

            Circa was wonderful.

            I wish the BYOB laws were different. Here's hoping for a good and reasonably priced wine list. I frequent restaurants as much for the wine as I do the food. (well, almost)

          2. I want this: a Berkshire pork chop and pork belly duo with rosemary-accented spaetzle RIGHT NOW!

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