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New Outdoor Oven Question

We reeeeeeaaaaalllly want an old school Italian/old world outdoor oven!!!!

I have done a search, read and replied to some of the posts regarding pizza ovens. What we wanted to do was build one and not buy a kit.
All over Europe, north and south, old farmhouses have these outdoor/pizza ovens. Why the heck can't we build one here?
Anyone know of any books, sites or even sites with pictures of any. Would these be viable for Michigan winters? I would think so since I have seen them in the Swiss mountains.

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  1. i will read this with interest as i have been dreaming of one too. vacillate between a pizza oven and a tandoor. even had someone willing to build one at one point and then the idea fell through.

    1. This is a pretty good site: http://www.traditionaloven.com/

      Rado will mail you his plans for a modest fee. Also, try the book "The Bread Builders" available on Amazon. That will give you some direction as well as some additional sources of plans, etc.

      Good luck!

      1. I know nothing about outdoor ovens, but have lived in both Michigan (Ann Arbor, not the coldest part) and Switzerland. I can assure you that Michigan is waaaaay colder than Switzerland, not to mention windier. If you install one of these and expect to use it in the winter I suspect you'd best have some type of winter enclosure as part of the deal..

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          We are near Sterling Heights which is cold, but probably no more than Switzerland. My DH and I have been putting off starting this - we are terrified we are waaaaaaay over our heads and don't want it to end up costing as much as a small car.
          Foodwich or others - any thoughts? Are we crazy?

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            itry....Google "cob oven." You make'em yourself. Very Cheap. See if you like the whole outdoor oven cooking thing before you invest major money

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              Do a google search for the Sunset magazine outdoor oven plans...I have a copy somewhere, but I can't find them right now. The cost was minimal....cement block base, firebrick hearth floor, mud/cement adobe-style exterior. You could probably build the whole thing for a couple hundred bucks in materials, max.

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                Great suggestion - I think this is the link?


                This looks very doable.

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                  yes, that's it. I seriously thought about building one, then I began to doubt the durability of the adobe construction in my extremely wet climate. So I'm still looking for a more wet-weatherproof alternative, without spending the bucks on a kit.

          2. This guy gives seminars on building and using them --


              1. Have you done a search for "outdoor oven" on chowhound? There are several threads.

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                  Yes, I have read all the threads too. The task seems daunting and we want to make our own instead of buying and putting one together. But....then, one post talked about cracking. So therein lies the dilemma.

                2. Forno Bravo has free plans and a great forum for any answering any questions to building your own oven.