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Jul 1, 2008 11:27 AM

What's the latest on Coyote Cafe?

My husband loves Mark Miller and wants to eat there when we visit, even though I understand that Mark Miller is now gone. I've read some posts here that it's no good, and some reviews elsewhere that agree. I wonder if anything has changed there? I notice they don't have a working website.

Thanks in advance for your reviews if you've eaten there lately.

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  1. Can't give a review but can tell you that there is a new chef as of last summer, Eric DeStefano, formerly of Geronimo. The open air cantina upstairs is still a great spot for drinks and apps and then you could at least check out the downstairs menu and see if you want to have a meal there.

    1. Look, if your husband is a big Mark Miller fan, you are going to have problems. Prepare him or be prepared. Eric De Stafano - star that he is - will not satisfy. That said, you WILL have a great meal though the s/o might not be willing to accept this.

      Generally speaking, people have missed the "southwestern influences" that Miller guarenteed. De Stefano brings a broader "grand cuisine" to the equation; something that has been going on here in Santa Fe for a while. Witness the sucess of Ristra as an example.

      Fine food, comparable to that in other cities (L.A./S.F./NYC etc) without the requisite "green chile experience".

      I have no problem with this provided I know it going in. I quite like the "new Coyote Cafe though I know it ain't the same.