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Jul 1, 2008 10:32 AM

Professional Japanese knife carrying case???

Hi there, I would like to purchase a professional Japanese knife carrying case for my husband's birthday. Where could I buy a case that will accomodate Japanese knives? Is there a store in the LA area or an on line store? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Surfas (Culver City)
    2000 Plus (Fountain Valley)
    Chef's Toys (Santa Ana, moving soon to Fountain Valley)
    Sur La Table (Santa Monica, L.A., Newport Beach)

    Mail order:

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Thank you for your response. . . . I will definitely look up the websites and Chef's Toys:) Not too crazy about Sur La Table and Surfas foe personal reasons:) You have been lots of help!

      1. re: rlbla

        You might check Anzen Hardware on First Street in Little Tokyo. Many of the top restaurants have bought knives from the place. If you go into the place you'll see business cards from many of the "better" restaurants around. I asked one of two guys who work there and he told me he couldn't afford to eat at these places (let alone that he was unfamiliar with places), the chefs just left their cards. I don't know if they sell carrying cases, but it'd be worth a call. It's just an old-fashioned hardware store, but I guess it became a local mecca for serious Japanese knife fanciers. They also sell some nice knives at Rafu Busen on Second Street. It's a nice Japanese gift shop. Both of these places are "old school" businesses with plenty of personal services. Good luck with the gift search.

        1. re: Feed_me

          Thank u! Thank u! I found only one website that sold a case that would accomodate my husbands collection of Japanese knives. There is one that I feel my husband would love to have, but it is $350.00. I still have not bought it because I had nothing to compare it to and I am not too sure if that is the going rate. I will definitely look into Anzen Hardware and Rafu Busen. Maybe, I can get an idea of what a carrying case really cost. Thank you again, I have one more week to find one before his birthday:)

          1. re: rlbla

            Sorry for not responding sooner. I suggest you call Anzen and Rafu Busen first. I'm not sure they carry any knife cases, but these places will give you an honest answer. The other reason is I vaguely recall Rafu Busen is closed one day out of the week, but I couldn't tell you when. Your hubby is a lucky man!