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Jul 1, 2008 10:21 AM

Casual wedding party dinner for foodies in/around Campbell San Jose CA.

-having a wedding party for 20-30 people for foodies and want to spend 50.00 person plus wine/beer. Dosent have to be a private room. Possible?

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  1. Aldo's in Los Gatos might be able to accomodate you here. Pretty good italian fare. Very friendly staff.

    Los Gatos Brewery is another good option. The beer is better than the food, but the food isn't bad.

    Both of these can handle a large group like yours.

    Los Gatos Brewing Co
    130 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030

    Aldo's Ristorante & Bar
    14109 Winchester Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

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      Second the recommendation for Aldo's. Probably your best bet in the area and they have a separate section they can put your group in and close the curtain.

    2. If you want to stay in Campbell - you might try Olio on Campbell Ave. It is a bit small, but really good food, good wine list and pretty affordable. In Los Gatos, Tapestry is great and has a nice patio with a stone fireplace if you want to take the party outdoors - they do a lot of functions out there, in fact. They are also pretty good on price. I agree with lgphil that Los Gatos Brewing Co would be okay, but they have been really hit or miss in recent years - fun, festive atmosphere, though. If you want to go a bit high end in Los Gatos, Dio Deko is very good in the Hotel Los Gatos.