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Jul 1, 2008 10:02 AM

Big Fat Bacon (MSP)

Big Fat Bacon sounds glorious. One-third pound of bacon, fried and caramelized with maple syrup and served on a stick.Of all the 08 Minnesota State Fair food items I am looking forward most to this.

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  1. Oh my god, can you just imagine the smell around that booth? How would you like to be working right next door for twelve straight days???

    1. Sounds suspiciously like stealth customer recruitment for the heart center at the Mayo Clinic. :)

      Sorry, it sounds like gnawing on a piece of fried bird suet.

      1. i think i read somewhere that another similar item is 'pig licker' or something like that - chocolate covered bacon!

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        1. The pig licker is real! I thought you might have been joking...


          1. re: chrisinroch

            I had the pig licker yesterday. Let down. The potential is huge here, but they used sub-par Bacon (this is at the Famous Dave's booth near the Grand Stand) and didn't drain is properly. These bacon strips were dipped into fairly good milk chocolate and then handed, like five strips to an order, to you in a paper sleeve.

            But the bacon grease was captured under the chocolate. Way too greasy and the subpar bacon (fatty) took away from everything. And the grease....

            But let me tell you people, the fire dog (jalepeno marinated pickle wrapped in cream cheese, then wrapped in pastrami) ...OMG. Run don't walk, is all I'm saying.

            1. re: jeanmt

              Where can one find this fire dog? I'm heading to the fair tonight, and that sounds wonderful.

              1. re: churchka

                Maybe at the preferred Pickle Stand? They sell the original pickle dog (same thing as the fire dog, except dill rather than jalepeno marinated pickle). Their stand looks like a pickle and is on a corner across from the main Midway, next to all of those places that serve beer with thier food (sorry bad at names & streets when it comes to the fair)

                1. re: autmommy

                  I stand corrected. The Preferred Pickle is in the food building, doing up deep fried pickles. The stand I mentioned above is called The Pickle Dog, and it is indeed where you can get the fire dog. This Fire Dog looks like another new food that didn't make the Fairs New Foods list. Street corner for the Pickle Dog is Ligget & Carnes.

                  1. re: autmommy

                    Yes, autmommy is correct about that. Report back!

                2. re: jeanmt

                  Oh how disappointing. I was really looking forward to it. (In fact, I'm probably still going to try it, because I'm looking forward to it that much. I hope I don't end up regretting it.) I'm disappointed the bacon was subpar. Kathie Jenkins says it's applewood-smoked Nueske's, which I normally think is pretty good. The chocolate is dark chocolate from local chocolatier Chocolate Celeste. And she says it has sea salt sprinkled on top! No sea salt on yours? Sounds like you got robbed!


                  P.S. 5 slices is too much. I want one really good one.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    I"m sorry. My reply above was about pig-lickers, not Big Fat Bacon, which I did not try.

                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      Hmmm, no, I think you and I are talking about the same thing. According to both Rachel Hutton at City Pages and Kathy Jenkins at the Pioneer Press, the pig lickers are the ones with the Nueske's bacon and Chocolate Celeste chocolate available from Famous Dave's.

                      Big Fat bacon is a different thing altogether--that's the 1/3 lb of bacon thing... I haven't read anything about what brand of bacon is used for that and I don't think it has any chocolate.


                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                        i believe it is dipped in maple syrup or glaze before it is served-- the big fat bacon-- not the pig lickers.

                        i stood and looked at the big fat bacon stand on friday night for a few minutes. i just couldn't do it-- looked & smelled over the top greasy. maybe if it had not been such an oppressively hot and humid night i would have been all over it. . . maybe next time.

                        BFB and PLs are both new, so i like that the discussion of both is on the same thread so we can compare :)

                        1. re: soupkitten

                          soupkitten, jeanmt and I are both talking about the pig lickers--the one with Nueske's bacon and Chocolate Celeste dark chocolate available from the Famous Dave's stand. That's the one that jeanmt reported above that she tried and didn't like (paraphrasing her remark : due to subpar bacon and improper draining which caused grease to remain captured under the milk chocolate) and that's the one that I had wanted to try (but ran out of time and energy for), though I had understood that the bacon was Nueske's, which I don't personally think of as "subpar", and that the chocolate was dark, not milk. Nevertheless, I'm disappointed to read that jeanmt and now vard007 (below) were disappointed because I had such high hopes. I'm thankful to the two of them for fearlessly trying these new foods and reporting back to save us from having to.

                          The big fat bacon, on the other hand, has sounded oogy to me from the first minute. Not that I don't love bacon (I do!), but a 1/3 lb slab of bacon, even dipped or glazed or whatever just sounds too unappealing to eat in a crowd on a hot summer day. Of course, I'd find someone to share it with, but it just doesn't seem like a Fair snack to me.


                        2. re: The Dairy Queen

                          Chocolate was great for this, but they really really need to drain the bacon before they dip it! May have just been the teenagers working at the stand when I went, though.

                          1. re: jeanmt

                            Draining the bacon--such a simple, yet crucial, step. Hopefully, they figure this out or, if it's a matter of training, get the people properly trained!


                  2. So, has anyone tried the Big Fat Bacon yet? I'm not a bacon fan, but my meat-eating buddy is really looking forward to it. Should I talk him out of it or cheer him on?


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                    1. re: AnneInMpls

                      We had it Tuesday. Good bacon, thick cut, good fresh-cracked pepper, crispy on one end, fatty-melty hot on the of both worlds. It reminded me of the bacon appetizer at Manny's but the slice was about 1/4 the size of that. The Chipotle/Orange sauce in the squirt bottle was good as well.