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Jul 1, 2008 09:53 AM

Visiting Paso Robles - Dining Suggestions?

I will be in Paso Robles over the holiday weekend. Any suggestions on dining out? I have heard great things about The Range, but I am hoping for a few more options.

Any new boutique wineries worth checking out?

Many thanks!

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  1. McPhee's in Templeton. Just south of Paso. Good stuff! Mmmmmmm

      1. Artisan for food - amazing.

        Wine - If open, Garretson and Hug are very interesting, small places right next to each other in a funky industrial building off Hwy 46. We love Tablas Creek too.

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          Thank you all so much... I hope to try all your suggestions.

          I really appreciate the wine tip...There are so many new spots, but it's hard to tell whats good and what's just ok. Tablas is my all time favorite!


        2. Was just there a couple weeks ago for 3 nights.

          Villa Creek was my favorite for food, with Artisan as a very close second. I would say Artisan is a "safer" choice between the two, as Villa Creek is a bit more adventurous in their spices and combinations and will not please every palate. They are so close to each other, you could easily pursue the menu at each.

          We also went to McPhee's and while the food was 'fine' - it was not remarkable and the service was horrid.

          As for wineries, the locals were raving about Jade but they were closed the day we went by. I posted some thoughts about the trip and my favorite tasting spots on this thread. Hope it helps!

          1. The Range is one of my favorites but in case you don't know, it's in Santa Margarita which is about 20 minutes south of Paso Robles. They also do not take reservations or credit cards. But I've never been disappointed in the food or service.
            Artisan would my choice in Paso with Villa Creek and Bistro Laurent as also good choices.
            As for wineries, there are so many. If you are on the east side of Paso there are several in an area they call "the backroads wineries." One to check is Cass which has a lovely setting, good wine and they serve lunch. The food is very good and you can do your wine tasting while eating. Their staff is extremely friendly (there's usually at least one family member serving). Another one in that same area is Chateau Margene which is very small but makes some very good wines.
            On the west side, L'Aventure mkes some very good albeit pricey wines. Linne Calodo is a favorite with the wine critics and has some good wines but I usually find their staff not very friendly. A couple of other good, smaller places on the west side are Nadeau and Villicana.