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Jul 1, 2008 09:35 AM

Star Telegram's Best of Fort Worth

Fort Worth must be proud of itself for voting Olive Garden as best Italian.
Way to go!

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  1. Isn't that the truth! All that tells me is either the public is just crazy or there are no good places to eat in FW which I know isn't true. There are a number of Italian places that run circles around Olive Garden.

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    1. re: texann

      The public is just crazy, and it's not resticted to Fort Worth. Houston'sbest of lists usually are predictable, Fuddrucker's, Goode Company BBQ, Papadeaux, Papasitos, etc. All off fair to solid food, but none would I consider to be the best.

      1. re: James Cristinian

        I just don't understand the fascination with Pappadeaux. I know a number of people who its just outstanding and I find it to be, well, mediocre.

    2. No vote for Nonna Tata for best Italian....Donatella Trotti who owns the place is from Varese, Italy? I would imagine she would run a ring or two around whatever new dish they create in their "Tuscan" kitchen at Olive Garden.

      1. Just a quick, pre-emptive note, since these types of threads tend to get off topic in a hurry. The discussion so far is focused on what other options there are for Forth Worth Italian, and that's on topic for the Texas board. We'd ask that any comments about the paper, the polling methods, etc, be put in a new thread over on our Food Media & News board, since they wouldn't be about where to find great chow locally.

        1. After DMN Guide featured it several weeks ago ( ), I went to Nonna Tata (no realation to Dallas Nonna) weekend before last. OMG!!! Everyone should definitely carve out a piece of a weekday afternoon/evening to indulge in this wonderful food. Too bad (for me) that they don't keep weekend hours.

          Four things to remember about your plans to come here: 1) CASH or check only 2) BYOW - no corkage fee 3) Limited wkday hours - closed from 3:00 to 5:30 4) Seating limited to 6 tables, 3 of which will only fit 2 people. So arrive early and plan to wait. You will also be perched atop 4-legged wooden, no back stools. When the weather cools, there are 3 or 4 outdoor tables available.

          The guide did a great review, so I'll defer to them for descriptive food highlights. But I will say remember 2 words: "Chocolate Spumoni" Can't wait to go back!

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Thanks for this, CocaNut.

            We'll be going soon!!

            1. re: WineAboutIt

              Wine, be sure to verify the hours. I think they're also closed on Mondays.

          2. I read the paper every day and never saw a "Best Of" -- they must have hidden it!

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            1. re: buck

              Sorry, buck. You didn't miss much. Trust me on this. ;-)