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Jul 1, 2008 09:08 AM

NYC hounds looking for feedback on our list

Hi guys. We are spending 5 nts in SF. Concierge at our hotel told us to look into the following restaurants and he will start booking. We are pretty low-key for the most part (no French Laundry) and love every kind of cuisine. Would like one or 2 nice dinners (Chex Panisse?) but prefer mostly great local places. What do you think of these and also, what is your fave sit-down mexican? Can be a hole in the wall, just great food. Thanks so much.

Quince *
Gary Danko
Slanted Door
Burma Superstar
Chez Panisse

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  1. + range - excellent choice
    quince - great place - relatively formal
    + nopa - great neighborhood spot
    gary danko - i'm kinda over it
    piperade - great food, service can be nutty
    conduit - haven't been
    slanted door - great views and good food in a noisy room
    luella - prety good neighborhood spot
    bong su - big and just OK
    burma superstar - excellent, but usually a wait
    +chez panisse - i'd never tell someone to not go there

    sit down mexican isn't a strong suit in SF...for taquerias for lunch, try la taqueria and taqueria san jose in the mission district.

    my choices noted by "+" and i'd throw in the following to the mix:

    + delfina
    + bar crudo
    + zuni
    + sebo

    1. No stellar sit-down Mexican in SF. Look for reports on El Delfin and Chava's.

      Gary Danko and Quince are priced similar to Chez Panisse. Gary Danko's food doesn't have much local character.

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        Poc Chuc is sit down Mexican, and I think it is the answer to the best sit down Mexican in SF question. El Delfin, which is nearby, isn't bad either. Both are BART accesssible.

        Poc Chuc
        2886 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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          Good call, Poc-Chuc is great Yucatecan. The seating could be improved.

      2. I would definitely add Bar Tartine and Incanto to this list.

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          You guys (and gals) seriously rock. You let me know when you come to NY and I will HOOK YOU UP!