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Jul 1, 2008 09:00 AM

Any recent visits to Côte St. Jacques in Joigny?

I am driving down from Paris to Lyon on 16 July. I would like to try the Côte St. Jacques but am hesitant to stop at a top restaurant as I am worried that the end result might not live up to the price. Has anyone been there lately? Any finds to report close to that stretch of l'Autoroute du Soleil?

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  1. Haven't been to Joigny in a long time but was never that into it. Did go to Saulieu quite a lot, including lately -- see detailed report and pictures here:
    It's not the best restaurant in the world anymore, but it's still the best in Burgundy to my taste, and a unique place.
    Also, notwithstanding widely diverging opinions, the other place I'll always want to stop on that trip is at the end of it: Paul Bocuse.

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      Many thanks to you and Chef June. In the end I drove all the way down to Chatillon sur Chalaronne and had dinner at the more modest St. Lazare in L'Abergement Clementiat. Stayed overnight at Le Clos de la Tour in C sur C. Very nice both of them.

    2. I haven't been to Cote St. Jacques in quite a while, either, but I have had really great experiences there, as have the friends and family I've referred... I also like Hostellerie des Clos, in Chablis, both for the restaurant (imho, Vignaud is underrated) and the hotel.