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Jul 1, 2008 08:42 AM

Lobster roll

Ok we all know the lobster roll at reds eats is the best BUT I'm not going to be near Wiscasset and they are expensive. ( but worth it)
Has anyone found a lobster roll that is even half decent at a half decent price in Portland/ Saco/ Biddeford or Cambridge MA?

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  1. I don't believe you can get a Lobster roll in Cambridge, MA except at Legal Seafood's.

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      Louie's Alive and Kickin' on Putman St. Wonderful quality and great price too! Technically, a lobster sandwich, not roll.....but yummy nonetheless. Served on toasted scali bread.

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        If you are looking for half decent at a half decent price then maybe you should try Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge. They have a double lobster roll special for $11. That's 2 lobster rolls on NE Hot Dog buns (ask for it to be toasted) made with lobster chunks and debris with a little bit of celery and mayo. They have a new beer garden out back that is very nice for lunch. Check out the Boston Area board for more info.

      2. Try Ken's Seafood Place in Pine Point, Maine. Its about 10 minutes from Old Orchard Beach. I had one about 2 months ago, paid I think 12 or 13 bucks. Respectable amount of fresh claw and knuckle meat with the right amount of mayo and just a bit of lettuce on a hot dog bun.

        1. Does it have to be Cambridge as opposed to Boston? Many recs on the Boston board for the area in general.

          1. For my money, you can't beat Huot's at Camp Ellis in Saco. Just a few miles south of Old Orchard. No mayo or butter on the lobster roll, just pure meat and a little bit of lettuce. Order a bucket of clams while you're there, too. The fish chowder is better than the clam chowder, which isn't bad, either. Eat in or take out.