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Jul 1, 2008 08:41 AM

ISO Jian Bing

Hi All! I have been reading a book set in China, which includes descriptions of the street food jian bing. Of course, now I really want to find this treat. Has anyone encountered this in the Boston area?

Brief description (I'm just trying to give you a very basic idea): a large, thin crepe that is spread with raw egg, dotted with scallions and coriander, flipped, slathered with sauce(s), topped with a deep-fried "bread" square, folded, and presented to the lucky eater.

Utterly intriguing!


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  1. Not sure if they have this, but Blue Ginger in Wellesley has a new lounge that has a street food menu. Look at their website to find the menu.

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        I had the real thing many times when in Beijing.....what a fantastic snack and cheap. I've been missing them! Ming's Bings may be based on that but certainly are not the same item. The ones on the street in China had no meat, just egg, scallion, described above. I think the crepe is made from bean flour but not sure.

    1. Jian bing are amazing. Cheap, fulfilling, and you don't even need the meat for it to be fulfilling. The deep-fried bread square is basically a large square of wonton wrapper from what I remember, similar to what you might get with hot and sour soup. I have always wondered if I could get one of the local crepe joints to reproduce it. Oh what a wonder it would be.

      I will have to check out Blue Ginger for Ming's Bing, anything that approximates jian bing will be amazing.

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        Thanks, all. Sounds like Ming's rendition may be all there is here. Boy, I wish we had some Asian hawkers in this area. Are there ANY Asian food carts at all?