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Jul 1, 2008 08:26 AM

Healthy Eating In JH?

Looking for simple, healthy food in JH, especially well prepared, fresh grilled fish. I do love the steak places, but alas, my arteries need a break. Suggestions?

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  1. Check out the Korean, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. They might not do fresh grilled fish but the Thai places ie Zabb Queens will steam a fish for you. I've also seen customers at Zabb Queens order a hot pot with clear broth - that seems pretty healthy to me!

    There's also banh mi and pho at Thai Son, and an array of tofu dishes at the Korean restaurants on Broadway...

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    1. re: yt28

      banh mi, healthy? that'd be a tall order I think. there are excellent salads to be had at chao thai (although of course, depends on the sorta salad).

    2. Novo actually has a couple of entrees on the lighter/healthier side. I like their grilled salmon served with nothing but grilled veggies -- while it's not the most amazing salmon you'll ever have, it's usually prepared well enough (i.e., not overdone). The pechuga a la plancha is also good.

      Also, you might want to consider Plaka for grilled fish. I haven't been yet, but have heard generally good things. In case you don't know, it's a Greek place in the mall on 77th St. north of Northern Blvd. (and it's next door to Canelle in case you're feeling too healthy!).

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      1. re: rosehill

        thanks rosehill et. al.: Have tried both Novo and Plaka and would rate both of them average...Still looking for the perfect grilled, fresh fish dining experience in JH.

        1. re: Will4Food

          the perfect grilled fresh fish dining experience does not exist in JH -- but then again, the perfect banh mi experience doesn't exist (as far as i know) in east flatbush or norwood. i don't want to take this thread into territory that will offend the sensibilities of the moderators, but not every neighborhood has every single culinary base covered, nor should it. astoria has LOADS of good places serving what you're seeking, from taverna kyklades to piccola venezia....check out that area perhaps?

          1. re: david sprague

            True. Stamatis, Agnanti's et al in Astoria has good fresh grilled fish and it's not too far away. On the other hand, I wonder if some of the Colombian/Mexican/Ecuadorian places on Roosevelt would do grilled fish. I had plenty of fresh grilled fish in Colombia and Ecuador. I haven't checked out the menus of the places on Roosevelt, but I have seen pictures of fried fish...perhaps the perfect grilled fish is waiting for you somewhere on Roosevelt.

            1. re: yt28

              "perhaps the perfect grilled fish is waiting for you somewhere on Roosevelt."

              I wouldn't count on it.

              Actually, there' a Colombian tapas bar on Northern in the high 80s that does some decent grilled sardines, but you better bring a few boxes of breath mints if you plan on eating the whole plate, or even half of it.